CABC Awards
Sep 15, 2004

The ODEL – E-Z-EM team is the recent recipient of this year’s ­prestigious Canadian American Business Council (CABC) Achievement Award which is presented annually. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the award which was initiated to recognize successful Canadian/American business partnerships. The two-day event combines the Award presentation and luncheon with dynamic panel discussions on topics of interest to companies involved in cross-border trade between the two countries.

The team of O’Dell Engineering Ltd. of Cambridge, Ontario, and EZ-EM, Inc. of Lake Success, New York, was selected as this year’s recipient of the Canadian American Business Achievement Award ­celebrating highly successful business partnerships between Canadian and American firms. This year’s award recognized the efforts leading to the successful development and marketing of Reactive Skin Decontaminate Lotion (RSDL).

Both Paul A. Salloum, Vice-President of EZ-EM, and Philip O’Dell, President of ODEL were generous in their thanks to their staff, partners, Canadian and U.S. Government program offices, suppliers and organizations for contributing to the successful partner­ship that led to this award. Mr. O’Dell made a specific thank you to CDIA’s General Manager, Anne Healey, through whom ODEL was made aware of the award and nomination requirements.

From Left: Paul A. Salloum, Vice-President of EZ-EM, and Philip O'Dell, President of O'Dell Engineering Ltd, accept the 2004 award presented by CABC representatives, Shauneen Bruder and Jordan Robinson.

What is RSDL?
A liquid broad spectrum chemical and vesicating toxin decontaminant, RSDL breaks down chemical warfare agents (such as Sarin or VX) in seconds, leaving only a non-toxic liquid that can be washed away with water.

Canada’s Department of National Defense originally developed RSDL in Alberta in the late 1970s. ODEL was subsequently granted the RSDL license and provides the engineering and ­marketing expertise. E-Z-EM (pronounced ee-zee-em) partnered with ODEL in 1995 as manufacturer of the product, bringing the firm’s important regulatory skills to the table, assisting with coordinating the successful journey through the FDA approval process and ensuring the increased availability of the valuable RSDL product.

In short, RSDL saves lives by providing a safe means of ­protecting individuals including military personnel and First Responders such as fire departments, police, and ambulance ­services, against chemical warfare attacks.

Panel Discussions Cover Hot Topics
The CABC event included panel discussions on the U.S. Presidential election, pertinent issues in cross-border pharmaceutical trade, and the intricacies of defence and security procurement. It was during defence and security procurement discussions, which provided insight into overcoming regulatory, security and marketing hurdles, that the evolution of the successful partnership between ODEL and E-Z-EM was outlined. Demonstrating their obviously respectful and trusting relationship, Paul A. Salloum, vice-president of EZ-EM, and Philip O’Dell, president of ODEL, explained some of the challenges that the team had encountered thus far on their ­journey together, including: the leap of faith that E-Z-EM made by entering into the defence industry while others were leaving; the pioneering of product testing development requirements within the pharmaceutical industry that extend far beyond typical manufacturing regulations and specification; and the essential requirement of U.S. FDA approval for global recognition of health, safety and also liability aspects for products like RSDL that are applied directly to the skin prior to their procurement and use. These discussions led to an overall session conclusion that Canadians must recognize that security issues are paramount to success in multi-national partnerships in the post-September 11, 2002 world.

Keynote Address Highlights Shared Love of Good Coffee and Tasty Fast Food
Jack Schuessler, Chairman of Wendy’s International, Inc., provided a light-hearted yet very insightful look at the success of the partnership established between Wendy’s and Tim Hortons. Mr. Schuessler’s address highlighted the respect that the two partnering corporations have for each other’s local/national marketplace savvy and successful management style, and enthusiastically promoted the development of Canadian-American partnerships that really can produce "win-win" situations.

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