FrontLine Notes
May 15, 2009

Close Combat Vehicle Showcase at CANSEC
May 2009 – BAE Systems showcased the CV90 infantry fighting vehicle at CANSEC 09. The company believes the CV90, which is currently deployed in Afghanistan with the Swedish and Danish Armies, will be a strong candidate in the Canadian Army’s Close Combat Vehicle programme.

Hakan Karlsson, VP Marketing at BAE Systems said: “Recent tests in Sweden have confirmed that CV90 exceeds the most demanding requirements for protection of personnel.”

Karlsson added: “If CV90 is chosen for the CCV programme, it is our intention to maximize both the work completed in Canada and the transfer of technology to Canada. Our experience with other international partners tells us that this maximizes operational availability, and creates and maintains high technology jobs.”
The CV90 is in service with the armies of Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden and has been deployed on UN and NATO operations. The 1000th production vehicle was recently delivered to the Netherlands.
Soldier Modernization Programs
May 2009 – OSI Geospatial Inc. has signed a teaming agreement with the Raytheon Company to develop and pursue the soldier modernization market. OSI will provide advanced technology and expertise from its Dismounted Close Combat, Command and ­Control System (DC4S™) range of products. Since signing this agreement, Raytheon has been selected as one of three companies that will each develop prototype systems as part of the first phase of the U.S. Army Ground Soldier Ensemble Program.

There are more than 20 Soldier Modernization Programs at different stages of development ramping up around the world, including the U.S. and Canada. The common objectives of these programs are to reduce blue force casualties, raise operational tempo and increase readiness for future operations. OSI is also working with Raytheon to pursue the ­Canadian Integrated Soldier System Project (ISSP) and other Special Forces requirements.

Ultra Electronics fields EoIP
Ultra Electronics – Tactical Communication Systems’ software-defined high capacity radio communication systems provide the tactical high bandwidth long-haul network solutions required at the Corps, Division, Brigade and Battalion levels for a country’s Armed Forces. The tactical communication networks of modern Armed Forces need to be flexible, robust, operated while on-the-move and at-the-halt. They are typically mounted on specialized vehicles, or transported by combat units, and deployed tactically as the operation is underway to maintain the flow of communications between different headquarters’ levels.

For more than 45 years, Ultra Electronics TCS has provided the United States, Canada, the UK and their allies’ Armed Forces with advanced communications products and systems. With more than 35,000 high capacity line of sight (HCLOSTM) tactical radios shipped worldwide, and over 6,000 presently fielded in different areas of the world, Ultra Electronics TCS is the world leader for high bandwidth long-haul network solutions required at Battalion through to Corps/ Theatre levels.

Modern military communication systems are migrating towards Everything-over-IP (EoIP). Ultra Electronics TCS’ flagship product, the GRC-245 HCLOSTM radio with its built-in multiplexer accommodates both legacy serial traffic and IP traffic without the need for external equipment. As such, the GRC-245 provides a migration path for armies already invested in legacy systems, to migrate towards IP-based communications in a phased manner and all the while permitting the legacy systems to co-exist and inter-operate with newer IP-based systems. With the addition to the GRC-245 radio of the Band-4 mast-mountable Radio Frequency Unit (RFU), the GRC-245 covers the largest span of frequencies of any radio of its class, and all within the same product family. All the RFUs operate from the same Baseband Unit (BBU), thus reducing our customers’ acquisition, sparing and training costs, while simplifying logistics and maintenance.

In addition to radios, Ultra Electronics TCS supplies turnkey integrated systems such as complete tactical communications shelters and ruggedized IP-based converged communication solutions. The latter includes secure video conferencing, white-boarding, voice-over-IP (VoIP), and access security. Network Planning tools, also offered by Ultra Electronics TCS, ease the task of frequency planning, provisioning, and monitoring network-wide systems.

Ultra Electronics TCS also specializes in the design, development and manufacture of integrated Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), and countermeasure systems and suites for operational support in the international market.

Ultra Electronics TCS plays a leadership role in providing advanced communications subsystems and products to the Armed Forces and system primes around the world. The advanced software-defined radio products developed by Ultra Electronics TCS provide the reliable, high capacity communication solutions required by modern armies. Ultra Electronics TCS continues to invest in its product lines and remains committed to the ongoing development of new products and services to meet the evolving needs and long term support of its customers.

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