May 15, 2009

CAE continues to expand its support to military and homeland security clients. In early May 2009, CAE acquired xwave’s Defence, Security and Aerospace (DSA) division. The acquisition allows CAE to add new customers and capabilities to its portfolio in the electronic warfare market and the land command and control market, and significantly enhance its presence in the C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) domain.

CAE has long been a partner with xwave’s DSA group. CAE’s Professional Services group has worked closely with xwave’s DSA team on a number of Canadian military projects, including the Air Force Integrated Information and Learning Environment (AFIILE) program, Multi-Role Transport Tanker (MRTT) refit, the Canadian Advance Simulation Environment Technical, Investigation, and Engineering Services (CASE TIES), and the Operational Training Systems Provider (OTSP) program.

The xwave team joins CAE’s Professional Services group, adding to it a wealth of experience providing system integration and system engineering support to electronic warfare systems and C4ISR systems, air traffic management, lifecycle support to operations, and simulation training products, such as tactical aircrew trainers and mission rehearsal systems.

A Leader in Electronic Warfare Systems
From research test beds to operational and training systems, CAE’s new systems integration team has been the leading software developer and integrator for a series of electronic warfare programs for the Canadian military for over 20 years. The team is currently the lead integrator for the Canadian Naval Electronic Warfare System (CANEWS). CANEWS identifies and classifies emitted radar signals for threat detection and warning purposes. The system is fitted to all Canadian frigates and destroyers including the Tribal Class Update and Modernization Program (TRUMP) ships and the Canadian Patrol Frigates.

The xwave team has also developed a communications network simulator for land systems electronic warfare that is used for prototyping interfaces and links in an electronic warfare environment. The system simulates message traffic, gathers statistics and, using the collected data, permits users to determine processing and interface speed requirements for the network.

Integrated Lifecycle Information and Data Management Solutions
The new CAE Professional Services team provides in-service support to operations through its integrated lifecycle information and data management solutions. The team offers clients a shared data environment that integrates the management systems for maintenance, engineering, configuration, materiel, logistics, training, mission, and performance into a single interface. Currently, the team is supporting the Canadian Forces Halifax IRO Frigate/Destroyer and developing the integrated information environment for the Canadian Forces Maritime Helicopter program.

Tactical Aircrew Training
Through the acquisition, CAE has added a robust series of tactical aircrew training devices to its line of training products.  The Tactical Mission Trainer (TMT) is the complete solution for the consolidated training of tactical non-pilot aircrew. The TMT exploits advanced synthetic training aids to deliver a complete training environment that supports basic through advanced training requirements, is adaptable to new or existing airborne platforms, and utilizes commercial off-the-shelf applications to shorten development time and reduce risk. The TMT is currently in service with the Canadian Forces for training navigators and sensor operators.

The Tactical Airborne Crew Electronic Warfare Trainer (TACET) is a portable, laptop-based training system that provides a high fidelity airborne simulation of Radar Warning Receivers (RWR) and Missile Approach Warning Systems (MAWS) systems. A rangeless system supporting both instructor-led and automatically generated scenarios, TACET delivers high-fidelity visual and audio stimulus that allows air crews to react to realistic threats.

The new CAE Professional Services group expands CAE’s support capability across the entire defence system lifecycle by adding a robust systems integration capability for complex, mission-critical systems. The breadth and depth of the products and services CAE offers will serve to strengthen the company’s position as the leading modelling, simulation, and integrated training solutions provider and will bring new opportunities to apply CAE’s expertise in new areas.
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