Innovation, Development, Delivery
Mar 15, 2010

General Dynamics Canada has consistently proven its capabilities to deliver advanced and enhanced systems, nationally and globally. Its wide variety of electronic products and systems for military application range from voice and data communication technologies to biological agent detection. The company’s dedicated R&D teams have developed important technology such as:

  • Armoured vehicle computing and displays;
  • Sonar systems and acoustic processing (for anti-submarine warfare in aircraft and ships);
  • MESHNET (voice and data communication technologies for army digital communications);
  • VP Bio (the latest in biological agent detection systems, developed for the Canadian Forces); and
  • Computing and displays for NATO AWACS aircraft developed and manufactured in Ottawa by GD Canada. 

This year, GD Canada’s airborne Data Management System (DMS) will advance from development to delivery. Designed for the CF, the DMS provides an integrated operator interface for the aircraft’s sensor suite, reducing crew workload and providing enhanced mission capability.
Initially developed for the fixed wing CP140 Aurora, the underlying architecture is being extended for use in rotary aircraft including Canada’s CH148 Maritime Helicopters. The product’s ability to seamlessly integrate on both fixed wing and rotary aircraft, along with its advanced technical capabilities, represents a new level of applicability and commonality, providing operational and training benefits. With both aircraft undergoing flight testing, the DMS will be readied for both domestic delivery and international export.
State-of-the-art Facilities
GD Canada conceives, develops, manufactures and tests all its defence technology at state-of-the-art facilities located in Ottawa, Halifax and Calgary. Each product is rigorously tested using practical configurations and operational simulations to ensure testing is representative of customer environments and usage.
GD Canada’s 103,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Ottawa houses capabilities in all levels of electronics production. We strive to ensure 100% long term survivability of the product in all working environments by developing custom testing plans for all products and systems. Environmental testing facilities can perform vibration, thermal cycling and pressure effects for ground and aviation systems.
GD Canada’s airborne systems integra­tion laboratories are also located in Ottawa. In the Aurora lab, a dedicated product team uses multiple simulations to test ­connectivity between the Data Management System and the Integrated Mission System sensors – cycling through simulations with the press of a button, without ever touching a wire. Across the Ottawa campus, the MHP Integration lab provides testing and simulation of the command and control systems developed for the CH148 and as well as a range of operations and maintenance team training devices.
GD Canada’s advanced Maritime In-Service Support Center of Excellence in Halifax is purpose built to provide life cycle support and upgrade for these systems.
Our 6,000 sq ft Vehicle Integration Lab in Calgary provides a necessary testing facility for a range of landborne Canadian Forces military vehicles. Here, GD Canada teams test, design, and assemble products and prototypes, conduct Engineering Design Model and Qualified Test Model installations, and perform vehicle rework, repair and overhaul. Also in Calgary, our Communication Lab, the largest of its kind in Canada, tests all voice and data integration for CF vehicles.
Proud Past, Innovative Future
Since the 1940s, GD Canada has been designing and developing defence technology for use by Canadian Forces. Our innovative products and systems have gained global recognition and respect among militaries around the world. With a strong, longstanding relationship with the Canadian Forces, a best-in-class global supply chain and a team of highly skilled engineers, assemblers and technicians, GD Canada continues to cultivate an environment of innovation that will help develop, deliver and export the next generation of advanced defence electronics.

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