Solutions to Complex Operational Challenges
Mar 15, 2010

Rheinmetall Canada, a proud supplier to the Canadian Forces, is an important member of the Rheinmetall Defence group. The company combines exceptional engineering with Canadian expertise in program delivery and life-cycle support.

Based in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Rheinmetall Canada takes on complex technological challenges, providing original solutions for the defence and homeland security markets. The company’s main strengths include delivering innovative design and specialty engineering, as well as outstanding in-service logistics support.
Battle management systems, situation awareness sensors and software, soldier systems, along with a complete family of remotely operated weapon stations are just some of the company’s products.
As a member of Rheinmetall Defence, Rheinmetall Canada provides access to the group’s wide range of vehicles that extends from lightweight, air-transportable tracked and wheeled armoured vehicles to medium- and heavyweight systems. Many of these subsystems share common modules, displays and controllers to reduce initial acquisition and long-term costs. In addition to new vehicles, Rheinmetall also upgrades existing fleets with state-of-the-art subsystems to protect soldiers from 21st century threats. Furthermore, the facility in Quebec has a proven track record with the Canadian Army for vehicle systems integration, testing, and in-service support.
Naval Capabilities
Rheinmetall is now providing the Canadian Navy with its state-of-the-art decoy ­solution, the Multi-Ammunition Softkill System. MASS protects ships from attacks with advanced, sensor-guided munitions on the high seas and in coastal waters as well as from asymmetric terrorist-type threats. If the ship is attacked, MASS fires decoy ammunition diverting the incoming missile from its intended target. Programmable and omni-spectral, the innovative ammunition used by MASS provides protection in all relevant wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum (radar, infrared, laser, EO, UV). For future Canadian Navy programs, Rheinmetall Defence has a range of naval gun systems including the 35mm Millennium Gun, various calibre Medium Light Guns (MLGs), remotely operated weapons stations, a full suite of tested and deployed sensors, and realistic maritime simulation solutions.


Remotely Operated Weapons
Rheinmetall Canada designs and manu­factures a family of remotely operated weapon stations that combine superb battlefield observation and self-defence capabilities. Ranging in weight from 100 kg to 300 kg, they can serve as the main or secondary armament for any military vehicle.
Designed for maximum modularity, these open architecture weapon stations can be easily modified to meet a wide range of customer-specific requirements. As third-generation weapon systems, all versions are equipped with optical modules suitable for day and night-time operations. The Qimek and Nanuk weapon stations also include smoke grenade launchers as some of the available options.
Proudly Canadian
Since 1986, Rheinmetall Canada has been creating the latest technology for the Canadian Forces. The company’s strength is measured by the close relationship with their customers. They choose and remain with Rheinmetall because the company consistently delivers innovative and superior solutions that allow them to successfully achieve their timeline, budget, and performance objectives.
Over half of the employees at the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu facility are engineers, attracted by challenging careers in a growing international company that requires an in-depth knowledge and experience in several engineering specialties. With Rheinmetall Canada, they have the opportunity to use advanced tools as they work on world-class engineering projects for Rheinmetall customers.

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