“Whole of Government” Approach in Afghanistan
Jan 15, 2011

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Canada’s whole-of-government approach in Afghanistan reflects three main pillars: security, governance and development. Canada supports work in these mutually ­reinforcing areas by drawing upon resources and expertise from across the federal ­government. This photo display highlights some of the work being done right now.

The bi-national, civilian and Canadian-led Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team (KPRT) is one of 27 international PRTs helping the democratically-elected government of Afghanistan extend its authority and ability to govern, rebuild the nation, and provide services to its citizens.

CIDA: Barbara Humick and Mark Duah from the Canadian International Development Agency alongside Sergeant Jason Powers, a CF Engineering Specialist, assess construction progress on the expansion of the Kandahar Teacher Training College – a development project managed by the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team (KPRT).

Secure Housing: An Afghan carpenter refurbishes a door of the Mandigak palace secure housing compound. This governance infrastructure development project, managed by the KPRT, will provide a secure place for Afghan government officials to live and work.

Security: Canadian Forces soldiers from Stabilization A Company ­provide security with an Afghan National Police officer during a training assessment visit at a police sub-station in Kandahar City. ­Stabilization A Company is the military component supporting the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team.

Schools: Afghan carpenters work in the classroom section of the expanded Kandahar Teacher Training College. In addition to building, expanding or repairing 50 schools in Kandahar, Canada is also ­supporting the Afghan government as they train thousands teachers.

Literacy: A literacy instructor helps an Afghan National Police officer during literacy training coordinated by the KPRT.
Energy: Cdn-funded solar-powered streetlights shine in Kandahar City. The solar-powered streetlight project, managed by the KPRT, has meant increased security at nighttime for residents of Kandahar City.

Police & RCMP: Canadian Police officers with the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team, including RCMP officer Candice McMackin (left), mentor Afghanistan National Police officers during crime scene investigation classes.

Engineering: Cpl Michael Porter, from 14 Wing, mentors an Afghan National Army student on this 6-week heavy equipment course. Afghan soldiers will learn to operate heavy machinery necessary to carry out a variety of engineering tasks geared to increase operational capabilities.

Correctional Service: Terry Hackett, Director of Correctional Service Canada at the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team, ­mentors a Sarpoza Prison warden during a cell search.

Governance: Mayor Kandahar City, Ghulam Hamidi (right), attends a shura with officials at Sarpoza prison as part of the Afghan-led efforts towards political reconciliation. The KPRT plays a very important role in supporting Afghan initiatives toward political reconciliation. A shura is the forum where officials announce government activities and encourage people to get involved in development projects.

DFAIT: Foreign Affairs and International Trade personnel assess progress on the Kandahar Provincial Council Hall – a governance infrastructure development project managed by the KPRT.
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