VBCI: the New Generation of Infantry Fighting Vehicle
May 15, 2012

Over the past decade, military deployments in Afghanistan and other hot spots have driven home a need for better armoured vehicles to protect troops in war zones. Nexter’s VBCI was ­conceived with a view to addressing this need and the wide variety of challenges ­soldiers face. The VBCI is a multipurpose vehicle engineered to provide the best balanced solution between protection, mobility and firepower while at the same time delivering performance and crew comfort.

Designed for missions from high-intensity combat to peace operations, the VBCI’s job is to keep an entire infantry section safe.

The French Army has deployed VBCIs for operations in Afghanistan and Lebanon. The VBCI’s overall survivability has been proven over several years of combat performance. With ballistic, mine, IED and soft-kill protection, the vehicle safeguards those we place in harm’s way. Nexter is very proud that no soldiers have been lost to explosive devices in the VBCI.
Recently, at the International Armoured Vehicles 2012 Exhibition in London, Nexter introduced the “PG Guard” to protect against the anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade threat that is so common in Afghanistan. This new modification demonstrates Nexter’s ongoing commitment to protection, and highlights the VBCI’s versatility. The VBCI platform can be altered to serve in various roles including as infantry and armoured fighting vehicles, armoured personnel carriers, ambulances and recovery vehicles, to list a few.

The VBCI has also demonstrated its value in peace operations. The French Army sent VBCIs to Lebanon in support of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. The vehicle has been successful in a variety of tasks including surveillance, security and routine patrols.

Nexter is a leading player in the land defence systems industry and takes pride in its proven track record of delivering high-quality equipment to customers around the world on budget and on time.

Part of Nexter’s strength derives from strong strategic partnerships and experience at making these relationships successful and long-term. Consistent with Canada’s IRB Program, Nexter’s export ­philosophy encourages technology transfer through production in the customer country.

Nexter, and its ­subsidiary Nexter Canada Inc, are committed to ensuring lifecycle support for its products is provided in Canada by Canadians. And where there are opportunities to do so, Nexter will use Canadian suppliers to build and service Nexter products in other markets around the world as part of its global value chain.

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