What's Your Story from Afghanistan?
Sep 15, 2012

Afghanistan: A Soldier’s Story 2002-2014 is a growing collection of the human stories and images of those Canadians who served in the Afghan mission. It is both a legacy and tribute that will commemorate the outstanding contributions of our Canadian Forces (CF) men and women and the sacrifices they made to provide security, stability, sound governance and a promising future for Afghanistan and its people.

The collection will be compiled in a coffee-table book that will be published in late 2014; the year that marks the end of the CF’s mission in Afghanistan. Contributions are sought from Canadian military personnel and civilians who served in theatre. The aim is to preserve this defining chapter of the CF and Canada’s role in international combat and mentoring operations for future generations of Canadian; and, equally important, to recognize and thank those who served in Afghanistan and made the world a safer place in which to live.

Joint Task Force Afghanistan: Cpl James Oosten rests in the brush during a patrol.

The genesis of this book came about from the desire of a group of CF Public Affairs Officers (PAOs), some of whom served in Afghanistan and who wanted to ensure that the CF’s participation in Afghanistan and the personal accounts of those who were present, were shared with all Canadians.

This is a not-for-profit volunteer project from which the net proceeds of the book sales will go to support those in need who served in Afghanistan and their families. The principal agency involved in the publication of the book is the Edmonton Military Family Resource Centre which will issue charitable tax receipts to those (individual and corporate) who wish to donate to the project. The book’s publisher is John McQuarrie, a renowned Canadian photojournalist, author and principal of Magic Light Publishing Ottawa.

Afghanistan: A Soldier’s Story 2002-2014 will also include an introduction and/or contributions from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada Steven Blaney, the CDS General Walter Natynczyk, MGen John Vance, the Royal Canadian Legion, war correspondents, and the President of The Power Workers’ Union, Don MacKinnon, who provided generous support to the acclaimed documentary series The Veterans http://vimeo.com/channels/theveterans.
Lieutenant Jon Lucas (left) receives a coveted t-shirt in a care-package.

This is your chance to share your personal story with fellow Canadians and your comrades, family and friends. Please tell others who may wish to contribute their stories or donate to get involved in this exciting and memorable historic personal account.
Colonel (ret) Andrew Nellestyn OStJ PhD, co-producer of the documentary series, The Veterans, handles external relations for Afghanistan: A Soldier’s Story 2002-2014.
Further information about the project, or information on how to share your story and contribute photographs, can be found at www.afghanistanacanadianstory.ca.
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