Operation Entrepreneur
Jul 15, 2013

Transitioning Canadian Forces members from across Canada gathered at Memorial University in July to participate in a week-long, all-expense-paid entrepreneurial boot camp founded by Enactus Memorial and presented in partnership with the Canadian Youth Business Foundation and Prince’s Charities Canada.

Participants at the Based in Business program develop their business ideas through classroom presentations, seminars, discussions, and one-on-one time with experienced professionals, students and faculty. Three such boot camps took place across Canada; the first was at Memorial University’s Faculty of Business Administration,  the second at the Paul J. Hill School of Business at the University of Regina, and the third at Université Laval.

“We have been blessed with this incredible opportunity to be taught, supported, ­mentored and inspired by the best,” notes Lieutenant-Commander Kathryn Hodgson, a retired Personnel Selection Officer with the Royal Canadian Navy and graduate of last year’s program. “The team helped us realize our passion, potential, skills and energy, and set me on a course toward success in further developing and creating my business.”

The boot camp is an integral part of The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur, a national program established by Prince’s Charities Canada (the Canadian charitable office for HRH The Prince of Wales), for transitioning Canadian Forces members interested in making the move from a military career to entrepreneurship. The program provides education, financing and mentorship to give these military members the best chance at business success.

“The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur is about giving options to those who’ve served their country,” explains Amanda Sherrington, President and CEO of Prince’s Charities Canada. “This program is a continuation of the Prince of Wales’ ongoing commitment to the Canadian Forces.”

The CYBF provides pathways to entrepreneurship, and is committed to ensuring members of the Canadian Armed Forces have access to the resources they deserve to start and run successful businesses.

The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur program is supported by the Department of National Defense and Veteran’s Affairs Canada, and is sponsored by True Patriot Love, Mosaic, The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Trust, The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation, and Canada Company. It was created and built on the foundations of CYBF’s 17 years of experience in mentoring and financing new entrepreneurs and the Based in Business educational boot camp developed by Enactus Memorial.

Enactus Memorial
Enactus is an international non-profit organization that works with leaders in business and higher education to mobilize university students to make a difference in their communities while developing skills to become socially responsible business leaders. The Memorial University chapter has been internationally recognized for its “Based in Business” program, which provides military veterans with business skills training in a one-week summer residential setting. www.enactus.org
Canadian Youth Business Foundation
The CYBF is a national non-profit organization dedicated to growing Canada’s economy one young entrepreneur at a time. CYBF looks at character, not collateral, when providing youth aged 18-39 with pre-launch coaching, business resources, start-up financing and mentoring to help them launch and sustain successful businesses. CYBF has been recognized as a global leader in advancing youth entrepreneurship. www.cybf.ca
Prince’s Charities Canada
The PCC enhances the Canadian charitable work of HRH The Prince of Wales. Its efforts are focused on The Prince of Wales’ core interests, such as improving the lives of disadvantaged youth, education, responsible business, sustainable development, regeneration of heritage and environmental sustainability. The organization works with existing Canadian charities already connected to The Prince and facilitates new opportunities for charitable organizations in Canada and the U.K. to work together. A group of 16 non-profit U.K. organizations collectively work in 38 countries and form the largest multi-cause charitable enterprise in the U.K., raising nearly $200 million each year. Initiatives are focused on The Prince’s main areas of work and are delivered by our partner organizations. www.princescharities.ca