CMR Saint-Jean Hosts South Korean Cadets
Sep 15, 2013

To mark the 50th anniversary of Korea/ Canada diplomatic relations, combined with the 60th anniversary of the South Korean Armistice, Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean recently hosted some 150 South Korean officer cadets and staff for a one-day visit. Highlights of the visit included a friendly ball hockey tournament between officer cadets of both nations and a fencing demonstration.

A fencing demonstration was a highlight of the visit by South Korean officer cadets and naval staff. (Photo: Mario Poirier)

“I am very pleased to host this delegation of 140 officer cadets from South Korea that will allow officer cadets from both countries to exchange and learn from each other,” said Colonel Jennie Carignan, Commandant of Royal Military College Saint-Jean, adding that “this cultural visit creates ties between Royal Military College Saint-Jean and the South Korean Naval Academy which bodes well for the future.”

During the visit, Colonel Carignan welcomed the officer cadets and the accompanying staff during a presentation outlining the curriculum of the Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean and its role within the Canadian Armed Forces officer development. A site visit and an intercultural lunch preceded the friendly ball hockey tournament and fencing demonstration.

Colonel Carignan welcomes South Korean visitors to CMR. (Photo: Mario Poirier)

The visiting South Korean officer cadets are part of two Republic of Korea Navy Ships which were in the Old Port of Montreal from 13 October to 16 October. This marks the first visit of Republic of Korea Navy Ships in Montreal. Under the command of Admiral Jang Soo-hong, the two Republic of Korea Navy Ships’ companies participated in several activities in the Montreal area during their stay.
The mission of Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean is to integrate, evaluate and develop its officer cadets for successful careers as commissioned officers in the Canadian Armed Forces by means of four components upon which RMC Saint-Jean’s curriculum is based: academic, leadership, sports and bilingualism programs. The ­Collège provides a seamless transition from high school to university by providing ­college-level and first-year university ­programmes in Science and Social Science, in both official languages.
Captain Eric Le Marec is with RMC Saint-Jean.
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