The Winter Challenge
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Intending to challenge their physical and mental capabilities, a few selected officer cadets from RMC Saint-Jean were given the opportunity to travel to New Hampshire, USA, to climb a frozen waterfall and then to the summit of Mount Washington. The ice-climb up a frozen waterfall on the first day prepared them for the harsh realities of the trek to come. In the cold environment, cadets familiarized themselves with the necessary equipment for the climb to the summit the next day. An early start was critical as the climb took almost four hours. Despite the harsh winds and cold temperatures, all officer cadets reached the summit and were greeted at the top by an amazing view of the surrounding Appalachian Mountains. After a short break they headed back down, anticipating the steaming hot coffee waiting for them at the base camp.

“I have never climbed a mountain before” said Officer Cadet Tyler Gilchrist, who hails from Ottawa. In his first year at RMC Saint- Jean, he was one of the few officer cadets to have been selected to ascend Mount Washington. “I didn’t know what to expect, but once we started our hike with the guys it was a blast. The hardest part of the hike was crossing the tree line. The wind was rough and you could hardly see a few meters ahead – but that was the most exciting part! If it wasn’t for the RMC Foundation, I would have probably never hiked, and experienced such a great trip! Trips like these are hard to come by, so I am grateful for the opportunity and it will be a great memory that will stay with me throughout my military career!”

RMC Saint-Jean takes pride in training cadets along four main pillars: Academics, Bilingualism, Leadership and Sports.

As future Officers in the Canadian Armed Forces they will face countless challenges that require physical strength and endurance. This expedition enabled the officer cadets to persevere and apply the knowledge learned at RMC Saint-Jean to successfully summit Mt. Washington. The expedition provided insight into real challenges faced in the field. Not an easy summit, Mt. Washington pushed their physical and mental abilities.

Officer Cadet Patrick Saumure, from Candiac, Quebec is in his first year of studies in the Social Science program at RMC Saint-Jean.
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