Defence Capability Leaders 2015
Accipiter Radar
May 15, 2015

Accipiter Radar is Targeting a SaferWorld® with cost effective, sophisticated Radar Intelligence Networks to support homeland security missions such as Border Enforcement and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Accipiter’s patented surveillance technology extracts detailed information about land, marine and air targets of interest from multiple sensors and applies sophisticated automated analytics to recognize security threats hiding within the normal activity of citizens.

Accipiter’s Radar Intelligence Networks elevate situational awareness to understanding using analytical capabilities to enhance both real-time and 24/7/365 historical target data to support tactical (interdiction) and strategic (intelligence and investigation) missions.

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576 Highway 20 West, Fonthill, ON, Canada, L0S 1E0

USA Office: 40 Centre Drive, Suite #3, Orchard Park, New York, USA, 14127
Contact: Mr. Simon Jerome, VP Sales and Marketing
Tel: +1-905-228-6888