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Syntronic Research & Development Canada Inc.
May 15, 2015

Syntronic is a global Swedish-based company that has been in business for over 30 years and opened Syntronic Research and Development Canada on 12 May 2014, its first North American R&D facility, in Kanata, Ontario.

Syntronic is an engineering design house specializing in the design and development of products and test systems, including electronics, electromechanics, technical and administrative software. We help customers in defence as well as a variety of other industries such as telecom, transportation, industrial and med-tech.

We have over 450 employees worldwide offering services like: research and development, software innovations, test systems, production services and aftermarket services. We can help our customers from idea concept to finished product or at any point in the product life-cycle, and can support them on a global scale.

Our lab offers the following tests: RF, Systems, Climate, Digital, EMI, EMC pre-compliance testing, and more. We have successfully completed over 2000 projects/assignments, and our platforms help provide customers with a quick head start that offers proven high quality, solid verification, more cost effectiveness, and on-time delivery.

Syntronic’s team is made up of strong designers with a broad range of experience and a customer focused mindset – and will make a great addition to your team. We can provide customers with key expertise that may not be readily available to them internally.

Working either at your location or at our facility, Syntronic designers will help your in-house team do more in less time. For instance, we can help with offloading non-core workload, maintaining existing in-market products, and reducing engineering costs – to allow our customers to focus on their most important developments.

Syntronic Research and Development Canada Inc. is your Engineering Design Partner – we are flexible, reliable and trusted worldwide. We would love an opportunity to introduce ourselves and eventually partner with you to provide a highly skilled, flexible workforce.

Contact Info

555 Legget Drive, Suite 400, Ottawa, ON, K2K 2X3
Contact: Jimmy Kelland, Business Development Manager
Tel: +1-613-383-1123