Defence Capability Leaders 2015
May 15, 2015

Women in Defence and Security (WiDS) is a volunteer organization whose primary goal is the advancement of women leaders in defence and security professions across Canada.

WiDS membership is free and provides you with a tremendous range of benefits that address matters of interest to both women and men, and promotes defence and security.

Support the WiDS Memorial Scholarship through the annual CANSEC WiDS CADSI golf tournament.

WiDS offers:
• Networking forum to further business and individual career objectives;
• Presentations and feature speakers who are prominent women in defence and security;
• Access to industry and the public sector at the highest levels;
• Scholarship fund;
• Sponsorship opportunities; and
• Social events to keep in touch and grow your networks.

WiDS is looking for volunteers and sponsors to make all this happen. Contact us today!

Contact Info

Contact: Jana Lee Murray, President
Phone: +1-613-247-0342 x 2242