Top Defence Capabilities 2017
General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada
Apr 17, 2017

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada is one of the country’s most innovative defence and security technology companies, providing advanced thinking, design expertise, and implementation know-how to equip military and first responders with leading-edge hardware, software and systems. Our business groups include: Land Communications, Airborne Mission Systems, Underwater Warfare and Public Safety and Security Solutions.

As one of Canada’s largest, most established defence and security companies, General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada is a dynamic force in the business community, tapping into the skills and resources of Canadian suppliers, building Canada’s manufacturing base, working with small businesses and Aboriginal companies, and supporting research and development; while providing an innovation-driven workplace for approximately 1,100 employees across Canada.

In addition to providing services and capabilities to our Canadian Armed Forces, General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada has also committed significant funding to post-traumatic stress disorder research through partnerships with the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research and the Royal Ottawa Hospital, in addition to supporting ill and injured soldiers through Canada Army Run.

Our global success stems from our strong system engineering experience, ongoing investment in research and development, collaboration with commercial and military systems industry leaders, and a singular focus on customer service. At the core of everything that General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada does is a commitment to innovation that suffuses the way we think about, design and develop solutions. We care about our customers and have earned their confidence.  Our employees are dedicated to meeting the needs of the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, first responders and armed forces around the world. We are: Made for Canada, Ready for the World.

Visit us at CANSEC – Booth 1601 – to learn more.

Contact info

1941 Robertson Rd, Ottawa ON, K2H 5B7  Canada
Contact: David Ibbetson, VP and GM, General Dynamics Mission Systems–International
Tel: +1-613-596-7297