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Shark Marine Technologies
Apr 18, 2017

Since 1984, Shark Marine Technologies Inc. has been fulfilling its mandate to deliver underwater products and services that are innovative, high quality, dependable and cost effective. Delivering on that mandate, the company has gained global respect for its developments in undersea technology and the creative solutions it delivers to unusual and challenging applications.

Solutions such as their Navigator, the original diver-held imaging sonar and navigation system. This unique system is currently used by 20 of the world’s navies for mine-countermeasures, shallow water missions such as rapid beach profiling, and is also in continuous use by numerous harbour and port police for Homeland Security investigations, search and rescue/recovery and ship-hull searches.

MAKO: Optionally manned diver delivery system.

The Navigator provides greater situational awareness than divers have ever experienced before. The modularity of the system and availability of peripherals allows it to be customized for many task specific applications: Sonar for guidance though poor visibility and the detection and investigation of targets; Camera for recording images of targets for identification; Acoustic Detector for locating beacons and black boxes; Magnetometer and metal detectors for underwater locating and evidence recovery; Acoustic modem for underwater communications and tracking of fellow divers; Floating GPS and RF modem combinations for positioning and faster communications with other divers or surface stations; Multiple positioning systems for mapping the divers movements and providing geo-referenced co-ordinates for all the other recorded information.

The Navigator can also interface with Shark Marine’s MAKO diver delivery system, to make the world’s only Optionally Manned Underwater Vehicle (OMUV). This combination allows the MAKO to deliver divers to a pre-determined destination, or to go out unmanned, collect them and return them to base. It can be programmed to propel a diver along a search grid, allowing the diver to focus on his search equipment instead of having to drive the vehicle. If he spots something that needs closer investigation, he can easily override the auto-route, investigate, then have it return back to the course to where it left off.

Navigator system

Accompanying these innovations are Shark Marine’s remotely operated vehicles the Barracuda and SeaWolf. Like the Navigator, these vehicles have been modularly designed to accommodate the same mission-specific peripherals.  

Shark Marine’s Divelog Software is used to control all of these devices and others including underwater video systems, towed sidescan sonars, boat mounted sonars and much more.

Divelog combines its navigation capabilities with data collection from the various sensors and records it all geo-referenced to the position of the diver, ROV or towed array. Once a mission is complete, the “report generator” feature will compile an easily exportable, interactive HTML summary of the entire mission’s activities.

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