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Rocket Performance Ltd

Apr 23, 2017

Rocket Performance Ltd, has extensively researched the best products and processes to maintain, restore, clean and preserve all sorts of metal products and structures in demanding environments. Some of this initial work was in response to our own needs as part of fussy restoration projects restorations, as a result, we are passionate to share what we have learned with our customers. We presently serve customers in the maritime, aviation and manufacturing sectors and are keen to grow.

Rocket Performance Limited carries great Mil Spec products by companies such as Lear Chemical Research and Evans Waterless Coolants. We also provide expert metal cleaning and restoration / repair services for difficult alloy parts and innovative manufacturing support in areas including material selection, supply and pre-assembly services, including Waterjet cutting.

The management team includes former Chief Engineers of diesel powered ships in the Royal Canadian Navy, a pilot, avid sailors and vehicle restoration enthusiasts.

Rocket Performance Ltd. is available to consult on corrosion management in manufacturing, storage and operational settings. We can also provide advice on maintenance procedures and can assist in modifying existing maintenance procedures to get the most out of the products and services we offer.

As Edwin G. Mullin (U.S. Naval Air Depot North Island) wrote, in his report entitled The Operational Testing of CPC ACF-50 On the U.S. Navy’s S-3B Viking Fleet, “Corrosion is the number one maintenance degrader of aviation weapon systems in the Navy today. Because of the high cost of materials and the high number of maintenance man hours spent repairing and replacing corroded components and surfaces on aircraft every year, any action that can be taken to reduce these expenditures should be aggressively pursued.” Rocket Performance can help you manage this major issue head on.

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1621 McEwen Drive, Unit 16, Whitby ON  L1N 9A5  Canada
Contact: Brian Holmes, CD, P.Eng., President
Tel: +1-416-419-3161