Top Defence Capability Leaders 2018
Alion Canada

Mar 29, 2018

Alion Canada, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, was established in early 2009 for the purpose of developing a complete ship design capability in Canada, primarily to support the Canadian Government’s National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) and in direct response to a noted gap in the naval design sector in Canada. 

Alion provides a Canadian based naval combatant and commercial ship design capability through all phases of the design process including Detail and Production Design. Alion Canada, supported by Alion Science and Technology’s global naval architecture and marine engineering resources, is dedicated to providing engineering, design and management services to all phases of combatant, research and commercial vessel design, engineering and acquisition. 

Alion Science and Technology is the largest and oldest firm of naval architects in North America. What began life as the Chicago Institute in 1936 and JJMA, has grown to Alion Science and Technology, one of the largest US military operational solutions companies.

They have partnered successfully with the US Navy for over 40 years and have managed decades-long projects for the USN. Perhaps the best example of this ongoing engineering partnership is the warships, the United States Navy's first class of destroyer built around the Aegis Combat System. Commissioned in 1991, these ships have been managed by Alion as the design agent successfully over the last 25 years to evolve constantly to the needs and demands of the world’s most powerful and technologically advanced Navy.

Governments and commercial customers worldwide depend on us for solutions that improve capabilities, control costs and enhance readiness. Alion Canada delivers maritime solutions that meet all requirements, yet exceed expectations. Alion Canada’s goal was and continues to be, growth – to build a presence in Canada that feeds a need, but also builds Canadian capability. As an example Alion Canada has already successfully exported a ship design for the Australian MV Investigator ship, which was designed in Canada, built in Singapore, and delivered to Australia highlighting Alion’s business model: Locally developed, globally delivered.

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400 - 555 Legget Drive, Tower A, Ottawa ON, K2K 2X3
Contact: Russell Peters, General Manager Alion Canada
Tel: +1-613-751-2812 x 101