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Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

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With design and manufacturing facilities located across North America and Europe, and sales and support teams located around the globe, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions is uniquely positioned to satisfy the most demanding electronics, packaging, and systems challenges. 

For programs with Canadian or non-ITAR content requirements, Curtiss-Wright’s Canadian manufacturing capabilities at its Ottawa and Greater Toronto Area facilities deliver powerful, reliable technology for the mission-critical systems that drive today’s aerospace and defence platforms. Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division specializes in the design and manufacture of a wide range of electronic modules and subsystems, as well as flight test and avionics, aiming and stabilization, shipboard helicopter handling, and instrumentation and control systems. These products are designed for use in critical applications around the world, at sea, on the ground, or in the air.

For Curtiss-Wright, innovation is deeply rooted in the company’s history. Born from the merger of companies founded by the world-renowned aviation pioneers Glenn Curtiss and the Wright brothers, Curtiss-Wright has a long and proud history as a trusted, proven technology leader. Today, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions is one of the world’s leading suppliers of highly engineered, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronic module and system-level products designed to deliver optimal performance in challenging aerospace, defence and industrial environments. 

Today’s military and defence applications demand the latest, most advanced technologies, optimized for size, weight and power (SWaP) and delivered sooner at minimal NRE cost. Curtiss-Wright helps system integrators overcome these development hurdles with proven, cost-effective COTS-based solutions that significantly reduce program development time and risk. 

Curtiss-Wright stays at the technology forefront, with innovative solutions for emerging requirements. For example, the increased use of manned and unmanned aircraft over domestic airspace has driven the need for airborne electronic subsystems to meet stringent Transport Canada and FAA safety certification standards. Curtiss-Wright now offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of safety-certifiable COTS solutions that meet the DO-254 avionics hardware standard and support DO-178 safety-certifiable software applications.

For programs with unique requirements, Curtiss-Wright’s Modified COTS (MCOTS) program delivers cost-effective, tailored solutions. The MCOTS approach, applied at the module or subsystem level, leverages existing IP investment and COTS development infrastructure, and is proven to save significant project costs when compared to new, custom-built designs. And, since COTS-based application development can start right away using existing technology, this approach can also save months of overall development time. 

As defence spending has declined over the last decade, the average age of military systems has increased. This results in system designers demanding longer lifecycles for defence equipment, despite the rapid rate at which technology is evolving. What’s more, forecasting future needs for COTS technologies has become increasingly difficult, making diminishing manufacturing sources and out-of-production parts a greater challenge. 

Curtiss-Wright reduces the risk of obsolescence and uncertainty with its industry-leading Total LifeCycle Man­agement program, which offers unprecedented visibility into program technology. With a user-friendly portal that places key information at the system designer’s fingertips, Total LifeCycle Man­agement optimizes program costs with a blended approach to COTS longevity that balances technology insertion and inventory investment to provide a proactive method tailored to their specific needs.

With high-performance, SWaP-optimized technology, customization capabilities, and end-to-end support, Curtiss-Wright is the trusted, proven leader in embedded defence technology for air, sea and ground deployed programs, both Canadian and international. From program design to program management and lifecycle services, Curtiss-Wright’s Canadian facilities deliver the key technical and managerial resources to support defence programs with Canadian-only content requirements, no matter what the future brings.

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