Top Defence Capability Leaders 2018
Lockheed Martin Canada

Apr 09, 2018

Complex Project Management & Export Success
The future is bright for Lockheed Martin Canada. With two of the largest Canadian procurement initiatives on the horizon – the Canadian Surface Combatant and the Future Fighter Capability Project – Lockheed Martin is well positioned to continue its nearly 80-year tradition of serving as Canada’s trusted industry partner. 

Utilizing its signature CMS 330 combat management system for the Royal Canadian Navy has become a benchmark for excellence in the past with the Halifax-class modernization project, and repurposed for Canada’s newest fleet of Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships. This capability, and the company’s expertise in integration, has already led to new export opportunities for Canadian naval technology including upgrades to frigates from the Royal New Zealand Navy and Chilean Navy.

Economic Impact Across Canada
Headquartered in Ottawa and with 1000 employees across the country, Lockheed Martin Canada manages over 1400 contracts with companies of all sizes and from all regions. Since 2008, Lockheed Martin’s business operations, investments in R&D and contracts in Canada have generated $3.8 million in GDP, led to 36,521 full time jobs in Canada, $2.5 billion in wages, and exported more than $2 billion in products and services. As well, 110 Canadian companies have received over $1 billion in contracts for work on the F-35.

Through Sikorsky, Lockheed Martin Canada supports the delivery and sustainment of one of the world’s most advanced maritime and anti-submarine helicopters – the CH-148 Cyclone – to the Canadian Armed Forces. Its civilian variant, the S-92 helicopter, has a best-in-class safety record and is the preferred aircraft of its size class for transportation and search and rescue operations. Additionally, the company is leading the in-service support for Canada’s air transport workhorse, the CC-130J Hercules. 

A fairly new capability offering in Canada, Lockheed Martin has an extensive suite of Energy Solutions ranging from renewable resources to energy storage to its solar tilt tracker system. 

On the commercial side, Lockheed Martin Commercial Engines Solutions, based out of Montreal, is continuously proving that this 2015 acquisition is on the upward trajectory – (having won several international contracts for both military and civilian engine repair, maintenance and overhaul.

Community Support and Mentorship
Lockheed Martin Canada is actively involved in supporting community programs. Recent efforts include fostering New Brunswick’s Joint Economic Dev­elopment Initiative (JEDI) indigenous business accelerator initiative. True to its corporate motto of engineering a better tomorrow, Lockheed Martin Canada is heavily involved in promoting STEM education in Canada through its support of Actua, the national STEAM Horizon scholarship awards and the Aero2 initiative in Montreal.

Committed to the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, veterans and their families with 1 in 9 employees former military, it is particularly proud of its support of the highly successful 2017 Invictus Games, civilian-life transition programs such as the Prince’s Operations Entrepreneur ‘Boot Camp’ and the important work led by Wounded Warriors Canada. 

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