Prod360 inc.
Dec 11, 2018

Innovative technologies and solutions from Prod360 provide peace of mind to military and first responder organizations responsible for public safety and security.

Iwitness. 10 years expertise providing Body Worn Cam solutions to Police and various law enforcement agencies. Discover, collect and preserve evidence. New 4G live streaming bodycam, safety, transparency, peaceful public interactions, accountability and professionalism.

Scanforce. Hands-free, “all in one” metal detector gloves, securing control with full freedom of movement, facilitate police officers’ missions, prevent injuries of officers and work accidents when searching suspects.


Be Weapon. Weapon and equipment RFID tracking solution – know where your equipment is, and who has it, at all times. Optimize operational management, improve logistics process for rapid team deployment and speed up preparation of weapon and shipments.

Protecop. 35 years expertise manufacturing protective equipment and ballistic protections for law enforcement, first responders, armed forces and private security companies. Constantly innovating: 50 patents, 200 models, 20 brands and tailor-made services.



Address: 1440 Bernard av, Montreal, Quebec, H2V 1W3, Canada
Contact: Stephane Girard, CEO
Tel: +1-438-490-5336