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ATCO Frontec

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ATCO Frontec is part of the ATCO Group of Companies, a $23-billion global organization that provides integrated, diverse solutions for Modular Structures, Logistic Services, Electricity, Pipelines & Liquids and Retail Energy.

An important aspect of the company’s mandate is its rapid deployment of equipment, supplies, personnel and management – anytime, anywhere. Frontec specializes in operational support services, facilities management, logistics and consulting, remote site turn-key accommodation and disaster and emergency response solutions. They offer a wide range of services that include water/wastewater systems, hazardous waste services, power generation, airfield operations, and first responder services.

NFTC Aircraft Refueling

“We are a service organization, based on good people who get things done in some of the most difficult places,” says Jim Landon, Frontec President. “We find innovative solutions to the world’s most demanding projects.”

Over its 70-year history, ATCO personnel have worked in some 100 countries around the world. Its support to the government, military and defense sectors dates back to the 1960s, when they were delivering housing units for soldiers in Vietnam. That experience became invaluable when tasked with providing peacekeeping camps for the UN in Somalia, operations and maintenance of the North Warning System, and temporary housing and services for Operation Nanook in Nunavut.

Today, with its Indigenous partners, the company manages, operates and maintains remote sites for DND across Canada’s Arctic – from Whitehorse to Iqaluit to CFS Alert. Also up North, its joint venture ARCTEC Alaska, operates and maintains the Alaska Radar System for the US Airforce, including fuel delivery for power and radar operations.

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Further attesting to its global diversity, ATCO has worked with NATO for two decades (both in Canada and abroad) including: camp support services at the Kabul International Airport; airfield operations in Kandahar, Afghanistan; and real-life support services for training exercises in Cape Verde. At NATO Flying Training in Canada (at 15-Wing Moose Jaw), they have been maintaining the facilities and grounds, and providing fuel delivery services and fire/crash rescue for the past 20 years. Elsewhere, they currently support Pápa Airbase in Hungary, provide fire protection services at Camp Novo Selo in Kosovo, and CIS services for EUFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina. 

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