Top Defence Capability Leaders 2019
Babcock Canada

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As a recognized leader in the delivery of engineering support solutions, Babcock engineers expertly design, build, manage, operate and maintain assets that are vital to the delivery of a wide assortment of mission critical services. With a network that spans six continents, Babcock is ideally positioned to contribute to a thriving Canada.

With a focus on delivering key naval in-service support for the Royal Canadian Navy, Babcock has been providing platform design, integration, configuration, management services, and maintenance and waterfront support – ensuring complete lifecycle engineering support for Canada’s fleet of Victoria Class submarines since 2008.

In the aviation sector, they provide flying training to aircrew trainees around the world. Babcock employs more than 1,300 pilots to work with air forces, navies and armies throughout Europe to deliver world class technical instruction across multiple locations and aircraft types. The company coordinates expertise in each of the support elements to ensure the training programme is complete.

Another key aviation capability is in the delivery of vital aerial emergency services around the world. Whether it’s fighting forest fires in Portugal, Italy or Canada, or operating emergency fleets of medical helicopters for the Italian and Norwegian governments, Babcock is an essential partner in complex and critical aerial operations around the world.

For more than 125 years, Babcock’s talented specialists have delivered excellence in engineering support and services that can now be leveraged with ISS global best practices to provide valuable insight into the future of ISS in Canada.

Contact Info:

Babcock Canada
800 - 75 Albert Street, Ottawa ON, K1P 5E7
Contact: Jake Jacobson, Vice-President
Tel: +1-613-567-2764



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