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CaseBank Technologies

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The First-Time-Fix-Company

CaseBank Technologies (a division of ATP Inc.) is aviation’s leading software and services company for troubleshooting, reliability and defect trend analysis solutions. Founded in 1998, CaseBank has deep roots in the aerospace and defence industries and has deployed solutions to support Fortune 1000 companies, with over 20,000 users worldwide.

CaseBank’s Troubleshooting Ecosystem is a comprehensive and powerful suite of applications and information that is dedicated to improving the troubleshooting of complex equipment. Using innovative technologies, it leverages available maintenance data, current and historic, resulting in diagnostic tools that help maintainers achieve a high state of mission readiness.  

The Troubleshooting Ecosystem combines knowledge buried in maintenance organizations, thereby augmenting the existing troubleshooting environment available to technicians. It brings the global fleet experience of solved problems to bear on troubleshooting, while also supporting collaborative problem-solving. The system includes robust mechanisms for capturing, validating and preserving new troubleshooting knowledge found in the field, as well as providing intuitive management insight into maintenance operations.

The Troubleshooting Ecosystem is comprised of three Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software applications:

  • ChronicX – This powerful software tool analyses historical fleet maintenance records, using natural language and advanced AI techniques, in near-real time. It alerts users to recurring defects; monitors incoming data for problems of specific interest; provides a smart and comprehensive search function; facilitates customizable dashboard analytics; and automatically corrects miscoded unit classification entries.
  • Data ChronicX – This application stores and analyzes maintenance messages downloaded from equipment. Its role is to integrate equipment messages directly into the trouble­shooting and recurring defect management tools (SpotLight and ChronicX), and provide alerts on fault messages that could lead to unscheduled maintenance, possibly preempting a future functional failure.
  • SpotLight – An intelligent troubleshooting tool that generates guidance interactively, serving as a reliable medium for capturing, preserving, and delivering fleet-wide knowledge about troubleshooting the equipment. It generates its troubleshooting guidance dynamically, changing with every new bit of information added.  

Working together or independently, this trio of analysis and troubleshooting applications dramatically improve mission readiness by focusing and concentrating all available knowledge on the task at hand.

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