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DRS Technologies Canada Ltd

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DRS Canada is a major supplier of advanced naval communications and surveillance systems to navies around the world. As the original equipment manufacturer for SHINCOM, a modern integrated voice communications system, DRS Canada has been setting a world standard for secure naval communications – designed and produced in Canada, and installed on Canada’s Halifax Class Frigates and is under contract to implement on the Joint Support Ship.

Now recognized around the world, the United States Navy, the Royal Australian Navy, the Royal New Zealand Navy, Japan’s Maritime Self Defence Force and the Republic of Korea Navy have all selected SHINCOM as their preferred secure voice communications system. In all, DRS Canada has installed these communications systems on over 150 major surface combatants world-wide.

DRS Canada is also the prime contractor for the SIRIUS Infra-Red Search and Track System (IRST), a passive infrared, dual-band, 360-degree situational awareness surveillance system. The company has completed SIRIUS production and is now providing in-service support for the Royal Canadian Navy, including repair and overhaul services, spares, and engineering support.

Search and Rescue
Building upon earlier generations of highly advanced deployable flight recorder technology – originally developed by the National Research Council of Canada and brought to market by DRS Canada – the company was awarded a significant contract from L3 Technologies to design and manufacture an Automatic Deployable Flight Recorder (ADFR) solution for Airbus SAS.

This deployable cockpit voice/flight data recorder with an integrated emergency locator transmitter is revolutionary technology will ensure the timely detection and location of a downed aircraft, enabling search and rescue organizations to quickly implement rescue actions, attend to survivors, secure aircraft wreckage and enable the timely recovery of flight recorder data in all crash scenarios.

To date, more than 4,000 deployable flight recorders have been put into service on fixed and rotary aircraft that operate predominantly over water.

Manufacturing Success
Domestic and international success has helped DRS sustain a local manufacturing and in-service support enterprise that employs about 350 throughout Canada.

Leveraging its advanced manufacturing capabilities at facilities in Ottawa and Halifax, DRS designs, builds and supports a broad range of power conversion equipment for both land and naval applications – and is one of the few companies in Canada certified to produce Space-qualified hardware.

The company has a long history of supporting the Royal Canadian Navy with its naval communication system, infrared search and track sensor, and back-up power products. “DRS is proud of its 35 year partnership with the Royal Canadian Navy and looks forward to continuing it through its power conversion, contract manufacturing, and product life cycle management”, says Martin Munro, vice president and general manager.

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1100 - 500 Palladium Drive, Kanata ON,  K2V 1C2
Contact: Martin Munro, Vice President and General Manager
Tel: +1-613-895-6522