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IXTROM Group Inc

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With a mission to improve and contribute to worldwide safety and security, IXTROM delivers innovative frameworks to meet the demanding needs of a wide spectrum of users in the national defence and security sectors. The company is known for supplying intelligent solutions to every sphere of Government (federal, provincial, territorial, state, county and municipal) as well as to emergency management responders, law enforcement, educational institutions, health and safety organizations and private sector industries.

Mission effectiveness increasingly depends on systems with more capabilities, and IXTROM has developed intelligent software and solutions that combine algorithms and mechanisms into a coordinated and cohesive management structure to efficiently support Command and Control of Combined Joint Operations (CJOPS) to deliver a Recognized Ground Picture within the Joint Operations Area – providing users with Situational Awareness and efficient C4ISR systems.

Battlespace Management for armed forces is enhanced within the Joint Operations Area, and supported by a multifunctional centralized data hub structure that promotes total unity of effort that can simultaneously handle multiple operations while also minimizing the risk of collateral damage.

IXTROM’s multi-disciplinary systems focus on streamlining processes and methodologies with intelligent tools to generate a comprehensive COP and real-time SitReps to help manage, respond and recover from any type of situation.

By engineering multi-layers into its incident management software, IXTROM has created a unique capability for users. Indeed, the robust framework allows for centralized/decentralized management and information, supports applications with various capabilities, interconnectivity and interoperability of C2/C4ISR systems, and the connection of a large spectrum of devices.

IXTROM systems support every facet of operation from beginning to end, including Operational Planning and development and validation of standards, methods and procedures to manage all incidents, regardless of size, complexity, or scope. Furthermore, its solutions provide collective defense and cooperative security in real time, to support preparedness, crisis management, and conflict prevention beginning with indications and early warning, to assessment, response options development, planning, execution, and transition from day-to-day to large-scale range of events.

Actions are synchronized in time and space, providing Common Operational functional capabilities that harmonize with cooperating relevant, national and international participants, to foster and fulfill any evolving needs of Armed Forces doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures.
Commanders are looking for reliable options to make the best decisions at the right time – improving effective C2, and creating the conditions for success at less risk and greater speed.

By focussing on planning support, collaboration, cooperation, targeting and interoperability capabilities, IXTROM’s innovative solutions contribute to total Situational Awareness and Information Superiority, improving information exchange with the Joint Force (Land, Air, Maritime and Special Operations Forces).

“IXTROM’s products support not only operational planning processes and the development/validation of operating procedures and tactics, but they can also efficiently support the execution of various phases of operations including advanced training and simulation, data encryption, integration services and 24/7 support and maintenance,” notes Soledad Bourque, President and CEO.

By engineering a wide range of very unique capabilities that save time and increase performance, IXTROM’s innovative technologies create the kind of operational edge that mission critical organizations need to address the demanding requirements and evolving challenges faced by modern Defence & Security organizations.

IXTROM Virtual Management System

  • First Responders

IXTROM’s simulation software helps emergency responders in reducing vulnerabilities through coordinated planning response and recovery actions for emergency events, crisis situations and natural disasters. Designed to improve training processes that will protect human lives as well as critical infrastructures, the innovative IXVMS platform was featured in Gartner’s 2018 Market Guide for Crisis/Emergency Management Platforms.

  • Military

Across all domains – Land, Sea, Air, Space – highly customizable, state-of-the-art technologies provide a structure that delivers seamless interoperability and collaboration while training, preparing and managing for unexpected or planned events. The IXVMS system provides the capability of reacting rapidly and adjusting tactics in real time as an event unfolds, providing full traceability during critical situations.

  • Civilian / Corporate Organizations

With a complete suite of web-based, customizable and secure management systems, users can identify and run business opportunities without neglecting the safety of equipment, physical assets and human resources. By performing event/response simulations, clients can identify vulnerabilities and create alternatives that can mitigate the impact of incidents that otherwise could have affected business continuity and the safety and security of employees.

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