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Logistik Unicorp

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Logistik is the Canadian leader in Managed Clothing Solutions (MCS) and has extensive experience in operational combat uniforms, dress and ceremonial uniforms.

As a key DND supplier/integrator since 1996, Logistik is well known in the Canadian defence and security sector for having originated the MCS approach for total program management and for delivering consistently high levels of service and product quality. CAF personnel currently use a wide range of Logistik-developed systems and services, including Clothing Online, a web-based platform that provides direct-delivery to uniformed personnel.

What is less well known about Logistik is how, with its international subsidiaries and partnerships, combat uniforms and operational equipment today represent approximately 60% of its worldwide sales. In Australia, for instance, its fully-owned subsidiary ADA (Australian Defence Apparel), has been the main supplier of combat uniforms to the Australian Defence Forces for more than 100 years. ADA develops and produces clothing and accessories including combat uniforms, body armour, load carriage, and ballistic helmets and plates. In Europe, Logistik is a major shareholder of Wintex Apparel, which develops and manufactures outerwear and protective clothing for the police and military sectors (Ministries of Defence of France, Germany and Luxemburg). Wintex was recently awarded the contract to supply the German Army’s new combat uniform.

Logistik is enthusiastically leveraging this collective global expertise, and applying it to product development for new combat uniform initiatives. For example, they recently collaborated with Director Land Requirements (DLR) to develop and field test a new Multi-Layer System (MLS) for combat uniforms. While still under review, the MLS project has already met key DND objectives of reducing the bulk and weight of constituent items, while increasing the “modularity” or interoperability of the various components.

For the system’s next-to-skin garments, one of the goals was to improve the protection provided by base-layer items. This was done using a proprietary, Logistik-developed no-melt-no-drip fabric blend that is far more affordable than previously available fabrics. The company says feedback from soldiers who tested the system provided excellent insight, which led to further improvements that have already been incorporated into newer versions being offered to Logistik’s international military clients.

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Logistik Unicorp
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