Top Defence Capability Leaders 2019

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MDA is one of Canada’s most successful technology ventures. Founded 50 years ago, it has become an internationally-recognized leader in innovative radar satellite systems; multi-mission ground systems; space robotics; space sensors; satellite payloads, antennas and subsystems; surveillance and intelligence systems; defence and maritime systems; and geospatial radar imagery.

MDA has leveraged its strategic partnership with the Government of Canada as an anchor client by building leading-edge technologies and engineering capabilities in Canada, employing an extensive Canadian SME supply chain, exporting these made-in-Canada solutions globally to international government and commercial customers, and then reinvesting in Canadian innovation and R&D.

With locations in Richmond, Brampton, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax, MDA has catalyzed technology clusters and innovation ecosystems across the country. Its breadth of expertise, global reach and long history of innovative firsts have made it the go-to source for advanced mission-critical solutions for exploring space, and for monitoring land and maritime change and activity anywhere on Earth.

Contact Info:

302 Legget Drive, Kanata ON, K2K 1Y5
Contact: Chris Pogue, President – Government Programs
Tel: +1-604-644-4225



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