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Thales Canada

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Armed forces, governments and global organizations trust Thales to help them achieve and maintain security, tactical superiority and strategic independence in the face of any type of threat. In an increasingly unpredictable world, governments rely on Thales expertise to protect citizens and make the world safer.

Whether designing radar systems, advanced sonars for submarines, or cyber-protected transmission networks, Thales innovates with its customers and partners to build effective solutions for customers around the world, including the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Coast Guard.

10 Sept 2018 – Thales Canada celebrated the official opening of its eighth Canadian location in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As the prime contractor for the Royal Canadian Navy’s AJISS Program, Thales will oversee the refit, repair and maintenance for these fleets over their operational lifetime; working together with the Royal Canadian Navy and the Fleet Maintenance Facilities to ensure ships are mission-ready, where and when they are needed from coast to coast to coast. The new Halifax location will also support the integration of key digital capabilities in big data and artificial intelligence to support modern in-service support practices. Thales’ naval in-service support program solution will create jobs, contribute to important skills development, and invest in important research and development across Canada. 

Big data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and connectivity are essential ingredients to developing new solutions for a world that is increasingly data-driven, connected and immersive. Thales plays an important role in accelerating the digital transformation of its partners around the world, delivering reliable information superiority to defence and security clients.

Thales selected Canada as a key part of its more than $1 billion global investment in digital technologies with the creation of cortAIx, a Centre of Excellence in AI and home to Thales’ Digital Factory in North America. This investment complements the more than 500 experts working in Thales’ existing Centres of Excellence in Canada in avionics, urban rail signaling, uncooled optronics and research and technology.

Recent acquisitions of global digital security leader Gemalto, big-data firm Guavus and the e-security firm Vormetric, drive the Thales mission to become a leader in digital identity and security.

A Canadian leader in research and technology, Thales Canada combines more than 50 years of experience with the talent of more than 2,000 skilled people located coast-to-coast. With revenues of over $800 million, Thales Canada offers leading capabilities in the urban rail, civil aviation, defence, digital identity and security sectors, meeting the most complex needs and requirements of its customers across all operating environments.

Thales partners with more than 500 Canadian companies and leading academic and research institutions, which has contributed to its enviable track record of successful technology development over the years.

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