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ViDAR optical radar for Search and Rescue

The future of search and rescue (SAR) is changing, and simply put, traditional radar can’t do the job.

ViDAR is a very small form factor, low cost optical radar that can search the ocean autonomously and find a person in the water without any operator involvement. The technology can scan the ocean over 30 times faster than any other system for this task, generating huge reductions in search time, aircraft costs, maintenance and crewing.

In a U.S. Coast Guard evaluation against traditional marine radars, ViDAR was the only search system that found 100% of the SAR targets in seconds, and the only one to successfully find the person(s) in the water, across a wide range of sea states.   

  • 30x faster search – find someone lost at sea in seconds
  • Low size, weight and power
  • Proven up to sea state 6
  • Operational and in service

Many Other Security Uses
Beyond SAR, the system is used for applications such as counter narcotics, maritime security, illegal fishing, counter piracy and illegal immigration.

CH149 Cormorant mid-life upgrade
With the upcoming mid-life upgrade to the CH-149 Cormorant helicopter fleet, Canada will be in a unique position to deploy this technology in the next few years.

To learn more about ViDAR – or to arrange a meeting onsite at CANSEC 2019 – contact Simon Olsen.

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