FrontLine Innovation Platform 2019
Sep 29, 2019

FrontLine has established an Innovation Platform (FLIP) to alert readers to organizations that take their innovative priorities ­seriously.

For this edition of Top Global Innovators, we have gathered a select group of ­interesting and innovative advancements. From advanced materials to cutting-edge technologies and imaginative research, you will no doubt hear more from these companies in the future. Contact us today for ­inclusion in our Fall 2020 edition.

The list below is in alphabetical order. Click on the company names for more information on each of these Top Global Innovators.

AVANTI Technologies and Numotech Inc.
Although this solution to help prevent unnecessary amputations for veterans, the elderly, diabetics, and other wound victims has not yet been approved for Canada, this new wound care therapy is healing limbs previously scheduled for amputation.

Babcock Canada Inc.
Babcock is a recognized leader in the delivery of engineering support ­solutions to design, build, manage, operate and maintain assets vital to the delivery of a wide assortment of mission critical services.

Carleton University Researchers
Groundwater is an important source of healthy drinking water for much the world, yet this resource is threatened by human activity, including resource extraction. New research into mechanisms that control the movement of metal contaminants in groundwater, soils and sediment expects to help mitigate environmental risks.

D-TA Systems Inc.
Canadian innovation leads to developing the world’s largest Polar Over The Horizon HF Radar system (P-OTHR). This highly advanced system will enhance detection capabilities.

Evans Capacitor Company
Advanced high energy density capacitors can stand up to demanding applications such as those routinely specified for defense, aerospace, and energy exploration applications where space, weight, and power savings are critical design elements.

IXTROM Group Inc.
Planning and strategizing for disaster recovery and resumption of operations (a.k.a. business continuity), are of crucial importance for any organization – and when it comes to the military or public safety considerations, failure at any level can result in grave consequences.

Rheinmetall Canada Inc.
This internationally recognized systems integrator creates technologically advanced, fully customized solutions for the global defence and security market. Its highly intuitive, smartphone-like soldier system interface is packed with mission-critical capabilities.

Unmanned Systems Canada – 12th annual Student UAS Competition
For the past 12 years, Unmanned Systems Canada has been running an annual competition designed to promote and develop Canadian expertise and experience in unmanned systems technologies at the university and college levels.