AVANTI Technologies and Numotech Inc.
Sep 29, 2019

Finally, a solution to help prevent unnecessary amputations for veterans, the elderly, diabetics, and other wound victims. This emerging wound care therapy now heals limbs previously scheduled for amputation, but is not yet approved for Canada.

A nursing team from AVANTI Technologies has been supporting Numotech, a Los Angeles-based medical device company, to address one of health care’s biggest challenges – non-healing wounds that often led to limb amputations, until now.

The company says this new wound treatment solution, called Numobag, has been healing severe wounds in “record time,” and was utilized to save an elderly patient’s limb that was scheduled for amputation due to a stage IV chronic and advance infected wound. After traditional wound therapies were unsuccessful, treatment with the topical hyperbaric oxygen therapy saw complete healing of the wound within 15 weeks. The wound closed, without the presence of scar tissue, and there were no signs of wound breakdown at the 3- and 6-month follow-ups –­ eliminating the need for amputation.

Numotech, a therapy innovator, develops and produces low-cost cutting-edge wound treatment medical devices to meet a wide range of unmet wound care needs, and the Numobag is the first of its FDA approved medical products to be put into full patient care service.


A reduction in amputations represents an enormous cost savings to healthcare, and offers a better future for patients.


AVANTI steps in to provide the nursing support and clinical training. This innovative product is a lightweight, portable and disposable membrane, for one-time use only, that significantly advances the use of low-pressure oxygen as a drug and takes oxygen therapy to the “next level” of effectiveness, quickly promoting blood vessel growth and angiogenesis. Said to heal many wound conditions including diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, necrotizing fasciitis, and burns with limited or no scarring.

“The Numobag treatment is highly effective and inexpensive,” says AVANTI President and CEO Jose Negron, a retired US Air Force Colonel.
A study done by the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy estimates that the total lifetime cost of a traumatic amputation in the U.S. is $509,272 USD. This includes the patient’s initial hospitalization costs, follow-up hospitalization and doctor visits, rehabilitation services, occupational and physical therapy, and the costs of prostheses.

Easy to administer, the Numobag changes the existing dynamic for treating wounds that previously led to amputation. The ability to preserve at-risk fingers, toes, feet and legs is nothing short of life changing. “Wide application of this device and treatment will lower costs and raise patient outcomes and quality of life," adds Robert Felton, President and CEO of Numotech.


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