Babcock Canada
Sep 29, 2019

With a support network spanning over 125 years and six continents, Babcock is a recognized leader in the delivery of engineering support ­solutions to design, build, manage, operate and maintain assets vital to the delivery of a wide assortment of mission critical services.

In the naval sector, in Canada and around the world, Babcock teams safely and efficiently support complex and critical assets on a large scale. Customers benefit from increased asset availability, improved efficiency and significantly reduced operating costs.
This Canadian team is known for delivering key naval in-service support for the Royal Canadian Navy. For example, since 2008, they have been providing platform design, integration, configuration, management services, and maintenance and waterfront support, ensuring complete lifecycle engineering support for Canada’s fleet of Victoria Class submarines.

The complexity and critical nature of a submarine and its systems requires an approach that is highly collaborative. Babcock works closely with its partners, customers and stakeholders in the Royal Canadian Navy, the Department of National Defence, and Public Services & Procurement Canada to understand and adapt to Canada’s platform and capability needs while adhering to the Class program schedule and cost constraints.

Babcock operates fixed and rotary wing military and commercial aircraft, supporting medical emergencies, civil protection, search and rescue, surveillance, firefighting, and defence sectors.

Backed by infrastructure and integrated IT systems that annually benefit thousands of pilots, aeronautical and aircraft engineers, and fleet controllers. Using their own fleet of aircraft, synthetic training aids, simulators, on the job training and training partners, Babcock delivered more than 68,500 hours of military flying training for armed forces last year.

Operating both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft throughout Europe and in Canada, Babcock delivers a fully integrated and professional aerial firefighting management service that is underpinned by proprietary technology investments and internally delivered mission specialist pilot training. Whether it’s fighting forest fires in Portugal, Italy or Canada, or operating emergency fleets of medical helicopters for the Italian or Norwegian governments, Babcock has become an essential partner in complex and critical operations around the world.

The company’s air ambulance experience is drawn from operating environments that extend from northernmost Europe to Canada and southern Australia. Services are delivered over land and sea, at high altitudes, over long distances, in extreme weather, and in remote, rural and complex urban environments. In a typical year, Babcock’s global emergency medical specialists undertake more than 73,000 missions from their 140-plus EMS bases, and log over 58,000 emergency medical flight hours. Babcock also provides Critical Care air medical transport throughout the Province of Manitoba and to surrounding jurisdictions, including out-of-province patient transport.


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