D-TA Systems Inc
Sep 29, 2019

Canadian innovation leads to developing the world’s largest Polar Over The Horizon HF Radar system (P-OTHR).

Innovative HF technology is a major focus for D-TA, and they have been active in pioneering 100% Canadian, 21st century solutions. For example, when the Polar Over-The-Horizon Radar is installed in the Arctic, it will be the world’s largest HF radar. This highly advanced system consists of 1024 receive and 256 transmit channels – all operating in synchronism, creating many narrow beams to enhance detection, probability, and clutter mitigation.  

“The P-OTHR project, including additional HF DRDC projects related to Canada's All Domain Situational Awareness (ADSA) program, worth over $14M, is one of the largest projects handled by D-TA. It has already generated over 10 new technical jobs and it is just the beginning” says Dr. Dipak Roy, Founder & Chairman of D-TA Systems Inc. “The success of the project will create additional opportunity for D-TA to upgrade other HF radar systems in US and elsewhere.”

The ideas, skills and innovations generated by D-TA Systems have been delivering state-of-the-art radar, sonar and electronic warfare capabilities to domestic and allied armed forces.

D-TA’s reconfigurable products are ‘plug & play’ solutions that can be configured for any application. With open architecture and modular systems, the company is confident they can drastically reduce deployment cost, risk and time.

D-TA has been involved in several enduring HF programs for the past seven years. Initial involvement with Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC, Ottawa) has led to successive HF radar builds – from 8, 128, 256 and now 1024 channels.

Domestic and Global Footprint

  • D-TA builds and maintains the world’s largest OTHR system – All Domain Situational Awareness (ADSA) program with digital HF radar.
  • At Five Eyes’ defence laboratories, D-TA provides state-of-the-art spectrum sensing, recording and emulation systems with machine learning capability.
  • D-TA solutions are used by DND, USN, USAF and the US Army for testing, training and evaluations with radar and radio emulators.
  • Collaboration with defense primes for Rapid Capability Insertions in the USA.


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