Unmanned Systems Canada
Sep 29, 2019

For the past 12 years, Unmanned Systems Canada has been running an annual competition designed to promote and develop Canadian expertise and experience in unmanned systems technologies at the university and college levels. Safety considerations are important factors in this competition (as in any other vehicle design project).

Registration closes on 8 November 2019.

Student teams from recognized Canadian universities and colleges will respond to a specific scenario with their best workable solutions. Even small scale unmanned vehicles are complex systems requiring a well planned and executed design and operational approach.

The scenario this year relates to the challenges facing remote communities when it comes to receiving emergency medial supplies. The winning solution will provide the medical clinic network with a versatile Unmanned System to deliver critical medications and supplies from their depot to communities that are inaccessible by road.

University and college teams from across Canada are invited to design an Unmanned System, using both an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) and an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), to support the mission. The addition of a UGV is a first in the history of this competition.

Rapid response times and the ability to travel routes and distances that are not conveniently accessed by conventional methods, make Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) a promising medical delivery system. Applications of Unmanned Systems for medical delivery include shuttling biological samples between facilities for testing, delivering medication to the homes and hospital rooms of patients, and reaching individuals in need of life-saving medical attention sooner than by ambulance. The possibilities Unmanned Systems provide to the future of the health care industry have the potential to save time, resources and lives!Although the UAV will be required to go Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), spotters will have it in sight at all times during the competition.

The competition takes place in two phases with the Phase I design report from each team due on 12 January 2020, and the Phase II operational demonstration taking place from 1-3 May 2020 at Southport MB. Teams will be graded on both the quality and completeness of their design reports and the results of their flight demonstrations. Prizes will be awarded for each phase and for notable team accomplishments. Which team will come up with the best life-saving solution?

Once registered, teams have access to more information and documents in a shared folder.

Teams can register online at www.unmannedsystems.ca
Registration closes on 8 November 2019.


Unmanned Systems Canada – 12th annual Student UAS Competition
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