Top Defence Capability Leaders 2020
Cleeve Technology Incorporated

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This Canadian SMB based out of Oshawa, Ontario, specializes in “interconnect” which includes wire and cable and connectors and all things associated with connecting one piece of equipment to another. From material and component supply, through to the design, manufacture and test of sophisticated interconnect and harness assemblies, Cleeve Technology has the answer.

Over the past 20 plus years, Cleeve has developed a strong presence in the defence industry and they have products or assemblies that are used on just about all platforms that move – be it ships, tanks, planes, trains and YES, even automobiles.

From weapon systems to communications systems, to radar and data acquisition systems, right down to basic electrical supply, they all need wire and cable to connect it all together and Cleeve would love to help you do it.

Over the past few years Cleeve has been directly involved in a number of major projects where “made in Canada” solutions have been used, and can offer huge potential for IRB obligors.

Contact Info

Cleeve Technology Incorporated 
716 Colonel Sam Drive, Oshawa ON, L1H 7Y2
Contact: Paul Church, President
Tel: +1-905-579-9502