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HFI Pyrotechnics

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HFI’s most exciting news this year is that of being selected as the newest company in Canada’s Munition Supply Program (MSP).

As Canada’s Centre of Excellence for pyrotechnics, HFI has been satisfying the Canadian Armed Forces operational and training requirements for pyrotechnics for over 147 years. Looking to the future, the company is well on its way to fulfilling its vision of becoming the global pyrotechnic Centre of Excellence for both Canada and its allies, where quality, safety and environmental stewardship form the basis of its value proposition for all customers.

In maintaining its position as Canada’s strategic source for pyrotechnics, HFI continually strives to further develop a Canadian industrial defence capability in production, technical expertise, and research relating to pyrotechnics.

To that end, the company is on a mission to develop and deliver cost-effective, safe, and trusted pyrotechnic products and engineering services to global Defence and Security markets in an efficient and socially responsible manner. Its 500-acre test and production facility in Eastern Ontario is ideally located to support Canadian government and industry clients, as well as U.S. and international exports.

HFI is the sole supplier of all marine location markers for Canada and the U.S. Navy, and is the world’s supplier of military and commercial search and rescue markers for other navies, coast guards, and security forces around the globe.

Attesting to its core expertise in pyrotechnics, president John Witherspoon praises “HFI’s dedicated and qualified team of professionals that have developed a full complement of proven training and operational smoke and signalling devices.”

As an ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified organization, HFI continues to develop specialty products and services, merging physical chemistry, material science, reaction kinetics and mechanical engineering with scientifically based agile and practical problem-solving.

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HFI Pyrotechnics Inc.
3322 Hands Road, RR#4, Prescott ON, K0E 1T0
Contact: John Witherspoon, President
Tel: +1-613-925-2832 x 230