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Logistik Unicorp

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Logistik Unicorp is the Canadian leader in Managed Clothing Solutions (MCS) and has extensive experience in providing dress and combat uniforms to the military, both domestically and abroad.

In Canada, Logistik provides the Department of National Defence (DND), its largest client, with dress uniforms as well as the Canadian Armed Forces’ Naval Combat Dress. 

Domestically, Logistik Unicorp is well known for having originated the innovative MCS approach for total uniform program management, for its high levels of service and quality as well as for the full range of systems that they have developed over the years. Among these is Clothing Online, a web-based uniform ordering platform developed for DND allowing direct-delivery to uniformed personnel, as well as associated web-based systems used by CAF Supply/Wing Clothing Section personnel for initial issue and other specialized uniform requirements.

Currently in use by the Australian Army, this combat uniform is supplied by Logistik Unicorp/ADA.

Globally, other military clients’ combat uniforms account for 60% of Logistik’s worldwide sales. Logistik and its subsidiaries across the globe are leading extensive research and development to guarantee the best performance for international military clients.

Logistik’s fully owned affiliate ADA (Australian Defense Apparel) is providing uniforms and combat wear to the Australian Defense Forces, including body armours, load carriages and ballistic helmets and plates. Logistik is also a major shareholder in Wintex Apparel of Germany, which currently equips the German, French, and Luxembourg law enforcement and military with outerwear and protective clothing. 

Logistik leverages its collective global experience and expertise and is applying it to the benefit of the military uniform industry by introducing upgrades and new product developments to combat uniforms.

Contact Info:

Logistik Unicorp
820 Chemin du Grand-Bernier Nord, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC, J2W 0A6
Contact: Louis Bibeau, CEO
Tel: +1-450-349-9710