Top Defence Capability Leaders 2020
Tulmar Safety Systems Inc.

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The Tulmar imperative is to overcome complex supply logistics, reduce costs, shorten lead-times and deliver high-quality parts and sub-assemblies. This involves “engaging in collaborative development with both government and private sector clients in the areas of inflatable devices, personal and collective protection, vehicle stowage and seating,” says Patrick Phillips, Vice President of Business Development.

Tulmar’s innovative engineered textiles and survival solutions are designed to protect people – in the air, on the ground, and in the water. Their specialized expertise in coated fabrics and inflatable technology led to the development of unique protective solutions for the most demanding applications faced by Canada’s uniformed services. 

In addition, Tulmar’s protective covers and stowage solutions can be found on armored vehicles and military trucks around the world. They also assemble and kit components and mechanical sub-assemblies (including seat systems) for a range of vehicle programs. 

Tulmar’s expertise in repair & overhaul of defence and security products is supported by 28 years of experience in designing and manufacturing inflatable devices and military textile products. They also write the maintenance manuals and develop the specialized procedures & tooling to get the job done. 

As a testament to the Tulmar expertise in inflatables, such as the Hazardous Duty PFD and the Maritime Pouch, the company was chosen to handle the repair and overhaul for all of the Canadian Army inflatables. They also supply life preservers to the Royal Canadian Navy. Tulmar’s Hammerhead Tactical Life Preserver has been in service with DND for over 10 years and has been acquired for Naval Boarding Teams.

“Tulmar has been designing, building and servicing products that save lives since 1992,” says company president, Barney Bangs. “We are committed to investing in R&D, manufacturing and maintenance programs that ensure on-going delivery of this capability in support of Canada’s Department of National Defence.”

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Tulmar Safety Systems Inc.
1123 Cameron Street, Hawkesbury ON, K6A 2B8
Contact: Patrick Phillips, Vice President Business Development
Tel: 613-632-1282 (landline)