Top Defence Capability Leaders 2020
Valcom Consulting Group

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Valcom Consulting Group is known for its multi-facetted approach to the professional services they provide to Government and Industry leaders. These services can vary from administrative and logistics to very high-end engineering and Information Technology support.

Valcom has recently entered into contracts supporting the Canadian Army’s newest vehicles via the provision of Field Service Representatives supporting any and all maintenance actions during the delivery into service of these vehicles. Other contracts include supporting the Royal Canadian Air Forces Directorate of Technical Airworthiness and Engineering Support, new Aircraft Systems procurement, and myriad system support contracts that benefit from an experienced Life Cycle Maintenance Support network of very knowledgeable and specialized contractors.

The company recently entered into the field of Cyberspace Security in support of the Royal Canadian Navy, and is very excited about expanding within this very specialized environment.

Valcom Consulting has also been busy expanding into the private sector, particularly the Canadian Aerospace and Industrialized Vehicle market. In that area, they currently maintain support contracts with some of the industry’s largest manufacturers and support companies. The success being experienced in this sector means the company will no doubt focus on continuously increasing these market opportunities – such as the provision of linguists in various trouble spots around the world and at home in support of Military Training facilities throughout Canada.

Contact Info:

Valcom Consulting Group Inc.
85 Albert Street, Ottawa ON, K1P 6A4
Contact: Lyle Best, Sales & Marketing
Tel: +1-613-594-5206 x 230