Raytheon Canada
Jun 21, 2021

North Warning System

Running a 24/7/365 operation across Canada’s Arctic can present unique problems, even at the best of times and the introduction of a global pandemic added to the challenges. Through this, Raytheon Canada, its subcontractor Canadian Base Operators and its Inuit suppliers succeeded in maintaining the continuity of the mission, adapting readily to the many pandemic-related challenges. Raytheon Canada ensured continued mission execution and operational availability across the North, with crews safely managing the NWS systems at pre-pandemic levels.
The joint U.S./Canada North Warning System (NWS) provides round-the-clock airspace security surveillance across North America’s polar region. Spanning the Arctic from Labrador to the Alaska border, 47 radar sites provide command and control capability to NORAD. Swift and decisive reaction to COVID-19 included increasing health and safety measures, modifying work rotations to reduce travel, and applying the strength of its global supply chain. 
Through it all, Raytheon Canada maintained its commitment to the Inuit Training Development Program (ITDP). The program prioritizes training and technical skills development, with many of its graduates going on to be employed on the NWS.
“Raytheon Canada and its ITDP has provided me with many opportunities in training and work experiences enabling my professional growth,” says Mitzi Wall, Inuit Benefits manager. “As an Inuk, I am pleased to manage this program, which offers similar training and growth opportunities for our northern communities that I have received. The skills and training provided assist our ITDP graduates to be potentially employed on the NWS or the ability to transfer their newly acquired skills to other opportunities within their community.” 
As a testament to its Arctic commitment, Raytheon Canada continues to develop a strong supply base of Inuit-Owned Companies (IOCs), contracting dozens of companies within Nunavut, Inuvialuit and Nunatsiavut. The company looks forward to expanding its presence and workforce in the Arctic, particularly the creation of meaningful careers for Inuit workers.
“Raytheon Canada has been a great resource, supporting Kipnik Inc. through 2020 and 2021, especially assisting us through the pandemic,” says Jason Okpik-Cutten, founder and president of Kipnik. “Raytheon Canada worked collaboratively with our team within the restrictions and challenges, ensuring everyone was safe and able to do their job. It is why we will continue to support Raytheon Canada long into the future.”
As the need for operation, maintenance and development of advanced technologies increases in the Arctic, Raytheon Canada remains at the forefront as a trusted provider of solutions for its customers’ toughest challenges.
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