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Ship Design & Engineering Consultants

In Canada, BMT is a leading provider of marine design, engineering and program management support services across the complete platform life cycle – from concept development, design, construction, in-service support, operations, life extension/upgrade, through to disposal. With offices in Halifax, Calgary, Victoria, Vancouver, and Ottawa, BMT provides high value advice, solutions, and services addressing the most challenging and complex Canadian programs.
By leveraging diverse technical and operational experience, they have developed a wide range of capabilities focused on assisting industry and governments in developing and executing major capital projects in the most cost-effective, safe, reliable and compliant manner. “Being selected by DND for System Engineering and ILS training contracts is a testament to BMT’s subject matter expertise and the value of our experience in turning complex projects into clear thinking and ground-breaking solutions,” says president Darcy Byrtus.
BMT’s experienced professionals are known for delivering a robust base of capability and capacity, operating across the defence, energy and transport markets – and offering advice that is independent from downstream manufacturers. 
With proven expertise and a deep understanding of operations, BMT holds a privileged position as a trusted advisor and consultant to government and industry partners, directly supporting all major procurement programs.
BMT has provided Tier Zero support to the Project Management Offices for the Joint Support Ship, Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship, Canadian Surface Combatant, and to the Director General Maritime Equipment Program Management. BMT also provides Design Agent support for the Victoria Class submarine to the VISSC Prime Contractor since 2008 and continues to support the Canadian Coast Guard and other commercial marine fleets in Canada.
A strong commitment to innovation has driven BMT to become a key contributor to the field of welding research and development for the National Shipbuilding Research Program, and to establish the Marine Welding Centre of Excellence in its Ottawa facility.
Contact Info:
BMT Ship Design & Engineering Consultants 
311 Legget Drive, Ottawa ON, K2K 1Z8
Contact: Darcy Byrtus, President
Tel: +1-613-592-2830



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