Jun 27, 2021

Canadian Operations

From its first helicopter manufacturing facility in Fort Erie, Ontario in 1984 to the Quebec production of A220 Family single-aisle aircraft today, Airbus has significantly increased its presence in Canada. With nearly 4,000 employees today, the industrial activity of Airbus covers the commercial aircraft, rotorcraft, defence and space sectors from locations in multiple Canadian cities.
Airbus A330 MRTT.
Airbus, a leading member of the Canadian aerospace industry, has a proven record of delivering on its commitment to provide economic benefits to Canada. To date, Airbus has procured some $1.8 Billion worth of supplies and services from its Canadian supply chain of 665 companies across nine provinces – which has created work for more than 23,000 skilled workers across the country.
Other Airbus companies in Canada are NAVBLUE, based in Waterloo, Ontario, a leading global provider Air Traffic Management modernization programs, and STELIA Aerospace, based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, and Mirabel, Quebec. A world leader in aerostructure and pilot/passenger seats, STELIA provides design services, assembly, systems integration, manufacturing of complex composites and metallic structures, sub-assemblies and components. From its facility in Mirabel, STELIA is a major supplier to Bombardier, making the fuselages for its Global 7500 business jets.
Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) 
For the Royal Canadian Air Force, the FAcT program seeks to consolidate “pre-wings” aircrew training programs (fixed-wing pilot, rotary-wing pilot, air combat system officers and sensor operators) into a single service contract. To each of the qualified suppliers (Babcock, Leonard and SkyAlyne), Airbus Helicopters Canada is proposing its H135 for the rotary-wing (RW) portion of the FAcT program.
Airbus considers the H135 as the best-suited, proven platform for the ab-initio and advanced military pilot training role. With advanced avionics similar to operational aircraft, this twin-engine full-spectrum trainer offers significant growth potential and the ability to future-proof the FAcT program while it facilitates the development of core skills for easy and safe pilot transition onto the complex helicopters of today’s RCAF fleet.
With more than 408,000 flight hours in a dedicated military pilot training role (from basic ab-initio to advanced instrument and tactical training), the H135 is the RW trainer of choice for many allied Air Forces, including Germany, Spain, Japan, the UK and Australia. 
Having been Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) certified for more than 20 years, Airbus considers the H135 to be the best-value, low-risk, training solution for the 20+ year lifespan of the FAcT program and points to its low acquisition cost, high availability, and flexibility of the platform as key factors.
Airbus Helicopters Canada
Airbus is the leading supplier of helicopters used throughout Canada in roles such as law enforcement, EMS, oil and gas, utility mining, firefighting, powerline, search and rescue, forestry, environmental surveys, and transport (tour, corporate, and private). Today, with 250 skilled employees across Canada, Airbus Helicopters supports a fleet of more than 760 helicopters flown by 220 operators across the country. Its headquarters and main manufacturing facility are located in Fort Erie, Ontario, but the company also has sales support in Montreal, a 24/7 customer support network, and a team of technical representatives supporting customers nationwide.
Composite components for a variety of Airbus Helicopters’ leading models are also produced by Airbus Helicopters Canada and sold internationally in more than 100 markets. Today, more than 50% of its Fort Erie employees work on products for destined for export. 
Airbus Helicopters’ activities in Canada are focused in five primary areas: Aircraft Sales & Deliveries, Composite Manufacturing, Repair & Overhaul, Supplement Type Certificates / Options Development, and Support & Services.
The Fort Erie facility is a centre of excellence for engineering and composite manufacturing and is the sole source supplier on eight different Airbus helicopter types flying all over the world. The Repair & Overhaul technicians in For Erie provide overhaul services and dynamic component repair to Airbus helicopter operators worldwide for the light single engine product ranges. 
Airbus H135
For the RCAF, Airbus is offering the H135 for the rotary wing portion of the FAcT project.
Over the past 10 years, Airbus delivered 73% of the helicopters for the commercial market in Canada and are dominant in the utility and parapublic market. Police agencies have also chosen Airbus as their preferred helicopter manufacturer – in fact, 85% of the helicopters used for airborne law enforcement in Canada are Airbus helicopters. 
Key parapublic operators include: the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ontario Provincial Police, Calgary Police Service, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, STARS air ambulance service (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba). 
On the commercial side, key operators include Blackcomb Helicopters, Canadian Helicopters Ltd, Coldstream Helicopters, Niagara Helicopters and many more.
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