TABLE OF CONTENTS 2022 issue 1

Either equal destruction

Does Russia prefer cruise missiles over ballistic when targeting Ukrainian air force and ground based air defence assets? Are they now going against the UN Convention and using cluster munitions? Israeli missile expert comments on Russia's targeting tactics in Ukraine. One thing is clear, either equal destruction of Ukraine assets, infrastructure, and lives.


Hidden in the background of its many competing priorities is the exponential capability gap in the digital domain, an area where the rest of the world is adapting faster every year but the Canadian Armed Forces is struggling to keep up – a Digital Insurgency is needed.

Two books are reviewed this month. A foundational review of the CAF and Canadian peacekeeping, written two decades ago, is becoming increasingly relevant once more as the world faces new complexities and hot spots. In the other, a strong-worded narrative of American history, a credible effort attempts to close “the gap between what scholars know and what students learn” and writes in a way that non-historians will appreciate. Of particular interest to soldiers and officers of any Western military, the book outlines the foundations for many decisions that led to actual deployments across recent generations.


FrontLine has gathered the key industry leaders in the defence and national security sectors. These are the project primes and specialized subcontractors that provide Top Quality Solutions for the critical missions of the Canadian Armed Forces.


As repercussions of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continue to grow, we recognize that these tensions are, ironically, dangerously intertwined with energy security, and further complicated by climate change.

At a ceremony in Halifax today, Vice-Admiral Angus Topshee assumed the duties of Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy from VAdm Craig Baines in a change of command ceremony presided over by General Wayne Eyre, Chief of the Defence Staff.


When U.S. Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State visited Kyiv on April 24th, stating “We want to see Russia weakened..." it marked a turning point in the Russian war against Ukraine. The U.S. is now fully engaged and will not let Ukraine lose. Although the West hopes not to have to put boots on the ground, hope is not an effective strategy.