Book Reviews
Jun 07, 2022

A True History of the United States – by Daniel A. Sjursen
Reviewed by Alexander Landry
Author Daniel A. Sjursen's strong-worded narrative of American history makes a credible effort to close “the gap between what scholars know and what students learn” and writes in a way that non-historians will appreciate. Of particular interest to soldiers and officers of any Western military, the book outlines the foundations for many decisions that led to actual deployments across recent generations. Accordingly, he writes that “the stories we tell about ourselves and our forebears inform the sort of country we think we are, the public policy we craft, and even what we imagine possible”.

The Lion, The Fox, & The Eagle – by Carol Off
Reviewed by Alexander Landry
Author Carol Off's self-proclaimed account of generals and justice in Rwanda and Yugoslavia, or perhaps a lack thereof, is a foundational review of the CAF and Canadian peacekeeping. Despite being written more than two decades ago, the insight revealed in this book is becoming increasingly relevant once again as we face new complexities and hot spots around the globe and here at home.