In the almost 13 years since Canada decided against joining the U.S. in Ballistic Missile Defense, every major consideration that went into that decision has changed. It is time to pivot towards deterring regimes like North Korea.

Nuclear propulsion is ideal for long distances and extended under-ice missions that are unique to Canada. Is there a better, more affordable and collaborative way?  

The U.S. Navy has decided it needs 20 new missile-guided ships, with first delivery in 2024. Canada has been toying with the idea of a new Surface Combatant for years now, with very little progress (hoped for delivery starting 2026). Will the IP requirements of one project impact the other?

Canadians were promised “open and transparent government” by the Liberal regime. This promise apparently does not apply to major defence programs that will burden the Canadian taxpayer for generations with hundreds of billions of spending.

Canada is in default of its treaty obligations under Article 3 of the 1949 North Atlantic Treaty; it is time to examine the cold, hard facts – and make changes.

America is in the early stages of re-imagining a new international order aimed at solving critical new and emerging issues.

Rather than an off-the-shelf design, would a clean-sheet Canadian design, with a specialized support vessel, find market success with navies worldwide?