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Speech from the Throne
Posted on Dec 04, 2015

Although “veteran”, “defence” and “military” appeared only once each in the new Liberal government’s Speech from the Throne, opening the 42nd Parliament on December 4th, that in no way reflects the new Liberal government’s commitments to current and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

By its nature, the Speech from the Throne is generally a broad-brush view of the government agenda, which will be set out in more detail when the House of Commons meets for a week before its customary year-end recess.

“In gratitude for the service of Canada’s veterans, the Government will do more to support them and their families," Governor-General David Johnston said in reading the speech.

As for the CAF – currently and going forward – the government committed to strengthening its “relationship with allies, especially with our closest friend and partner, the United States” and to “renew Canada’s commitment to United Nations peacekeeping operations.”

Moreover, in addition to continuing to work with allies in the fight against terrorism, the government reiterated its promise of an “open and transparent process to review existing defence capabilities” while “building a leaner, more agile, better-equipped military.”

– Ken Pole