A priority focus on building resilience, and enhanced sovereignty and security, has led Australia to invest $1B to fast-track the creation of a new Weapons Enterprise, intended to boost skilled jobs and help secure its sovereign capabilities.

The question of the direct defense in Europe today is broader than just the Russian challenge. More than ever before, global alliances allow nations to work together, and that achievement is key to creating multi-national coalitions of the willing and fortify real deterrents.

Several trends are underway at the same time, and they add up to a significant redefinition of the global scene, power and policy priorities.

It can be easy to overlook how revolutionary a vertical lift aircraft that can operate at supersonic speeds actually is. The F-35B does not need a long runway to recover, and this makes it a much more survivable platform – especially at sea where options are limited.

The F-35B will be a staple for the US Marine Corps and the RAF, and will also be flown by the Italian Navy. A number of other Air Forces have shown interest as well, including Israel, Singapore, Japan, and Spain.

Australia's Chief of the Army weighs in on the future of the joint environment. The core challenge is the co-evolution of ground, air and naval forces to deliver a timely capability.

The Australian government has recently released a comprehensive new Defence White Paper, along with two accompanying documents, to create more than a platform shopping list.

With Putin aggressively reshaping Russia's place in the world, it will be crucial to shape a real policy towards deterrence of Russia, and it is worthwhile to revisit the Reagan strategy.

Russia, France, Belgium, Turkey ... strategic reset in the fight against ISIS is shaping the future.

Recently, SLD published an article on the Turkish shoot-down of a Russian aircraft. A former USAF pilot made this comment:

When analysts and intelligence experts were highlighting the warming sun of the Arab Spring, there was much hope: democracy was in the air and many believed the gap between Islam and the West might be closing.  

Italian pilots fly an Australian F-35 from an American Base. Talk about "next generation". An unprecedented level of international integration is being brought to life by the F-35 program. Training jumps the concept of interoperability and jumps straight into integration.

The Aussies Shape a Path of Combat Innovation: Plan Jericho and the Way Ahead. I recently returned from Australia where the Royal Australian Air Force is put in motion what they call Plan Jericho.  In effect, the RAAF is providing the Australian Defense Force with an approach to transform jointness, or how the various elements of the ADF can work together to enhance combat effect.