French President Emmanuel Macron is pressing for a more coordinated European Union defence strategy in which his country, the sole EU nuclear power after Britain’s withdrawal, would be a key deterrent. France currently has less than 300 nuclear weapons and Macron has refused to commit to any further reduction.

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The 2011 update of the CBRN Strategy was changed into more of a domestic emergency plan than a comprehensive strategy, with the pillar of response emphasized over prevention.

Top Defence Capability Leaders 2018
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A leader in the design, engineering, prototyping, testing, manufacturing and support of a wide range of general and specialized products from ballistic protection to CBRN systems.

Defence Capability Leaders
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ABB designs, manufactures and markets high-performance electro-optical systems for the space and defence markets.

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CBRNE defense, and especially preventive measures, are becoming much more internationally focused.

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Those involved with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence look to identify potential threats and develop mechanisms to combat them. One of the key aspects to understanding this threat is to identify how ­suicide bombings transitioned into the ­terrorist form we know today.

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Illustrating determination around the world in dealing with such challenges, 15 nations collaborated during Exercise Rapid Trident to improve counter-terror tactics.

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A group of projects that focus on all aspects of CBRN defence capability: detection, identification and monitoring, information management, physical protection and hazard management.

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Scientists work to improve methods of detecting and decon­taminating ricin.

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New contracts have begun to show the results of CBRN investments.