A call to VAdm Mark Norman supporters

Apr 2, 2018


By Lee Hammond


Vice Admiral Mark Norman will make his first appearance at the Ottawa Court House on Elgin Street on 10 April 2018 at 9:00am. Although we do not yet know in which specific courtroom he will appear, I am hereby issuing a call to all patriotic Canadians and friends of Vice Admiral Mark Norman to join him when he appears at court on 10 April 2018 at 9:00am.

Your Presence Matters:

This is a political charge and a politically inspired prosecution. Our justice system is meant to protect Canadians against abuse. It should not be used as a tool to destroy the second most senior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces because he stood strong and demanded the Royal Canadian Navy have a vital supply ship so it could carry out its most basic functions.

That ship, as many have pointed out, has been delivered on time and on budget. It has been formally accepted by the Navy.

Vice Admiral Norman did nothing less than serve his country when he advocated for this vital asset for the women and men of the Royal Canadian Navy. There is no proof he sought to personally enrich himself or his family. All we know is that he sought to ensure the military had the tools it needed so it could carry out the job it is directed to do on behalf of Canadians.

Friends, if you believe in the independence of the military from partisan politics - show up to support Vice Admiral Mark Norman on April 10th.

If you believe this is a politically inspired charge - show up to support Vice Admiral Mark Norman on April 10th.

If you believe Vice Admiral Mark Norman is the victim of an over politicized RCMP and prosecution service - show up on April 10th.


Are we ready to stand together? The GoFundMe effort was launched because we are convinced that this has been a most terrible abuse of our justice system to vilify Vice Admiral Norman. Canadians are left to wonder about politics influencing this case.

The ethos of our military is that we do not leave anyone behind or alone at a time of need.

Let’s stand together with Vice Admiral Norman on April 10th.

Do two things:

  1. Join Vice Admiral Norman’s supporters at the Ottawa Court House on Elgin Street. Come with a Canadian flag. If you don’t have one, find Naresh Raghubeer – he will have one for you!
  2. Donate now, like others have done including former defence minister Jason Kenny and former MP Laurie Hawn. If you have already donated, make a second donation and/or challenge your fiends to do the same.

Your support matters and is needed now more than ever.

– Lee Hammond